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I’ve been umming and ahhing about this blog post for ages as the pro’s of this product are great, the downside is pretty dire…in the end I found a way to make it work so here we are!

2True Pro Tech Extreme Eyeliner

Okay, so there are lots of pro’s with this liquid eyeliner.

2True Pro Tech Extreme Eyeliner
Honestly, it’s an absolute breeze to use and I really really struggle with eyeliner.
2True Pro Tech Extreme Eyeliner
It’s intensely black and in terms of all the above, that’s where my raving about the product ended.
I found a major flaw with this, if I wear it alone, within a short period of time it transfers to my upper eyelids. Probably within an hour. It’s really dire. It’s not like I even have oily eyelids, most things wear pretty well on me. Unfortunately not so with this. So I wasn’t sure what I was going to say in this review, “it’s everything you could want in a black liner, except it’s a bit rubbish” summed it up nicely. But then I used it for the first time in ages the other day over eyeshadow (as seen above) and I didn’t get one jot of transfer. So it’s salvageable. When I want to wear it alone, I just need to use a nude shadow underneath and hey presto! it’s fine.
So I’m able to give this a good review on the whole, this eyeliner is amazing, just so long as you use it over eyeshadow.
It’s £4.50 and available from Superdrug.
*Disclosure – Sample received free of charge for review purposes*

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  1. Beauty's Bad Habit says:

    I find transfer with felt tip liners always tends to happen after a while minus eyeshadow – quite annoying! If you can’t be fussed reaching for an eyeshadow, your face powder will do the same job 🙂 Looks lovely and dark!

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