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Hello and welcome back to Bloggers Talk Beauty, my weekly feature where bloggers of any genre tell us about their favourite beauty products. Any blogger is welcome to take part, all you need is to like beauty products so if you’d like to, details are at the bottom of this post.

This week its the turn of the adorable Bronagh from Bronagh’s Beauty and Books.



Tell us a bit about your blog.

I’ve been blogging since April 2015. I started up as I’d always wanted to have my own space where I could talk about anything and everything.
I most blog about beauty, but I also talk about fashion, books and my own mental health.
I love knowing I have somewhere where I can be myself and know that I am able to talk about everything I love with people who also love it!
It’s also really inspired my creativeness, and my love of writing.

Do you have a morning skincare routine? If so, what is it?

I try to have a skin care routine, but like everyone I skip mornings when I’m tired or just too lazy in general.
Once a week I use Biore’s charcoal facial wash, every other day I use The Body Shops Tea Tree facial wash.
Then I follow with The Body Shops Tea Tree facial toner.
The I finish with Simples facial moisturiser.
I also do weekly face masks so my skin stays clean and clear.

Do you have an evening skincare routine? If so, what is it?

Sort of!  I use micellar water to remove all make-up so I know its all off, then I use a Garnier cleanser to make sure its all removed before finishing with my moisturiser.

What make up item can you not leave the house without wearing?

Concealer and mascara! Both are essential for my every day looks!
I always seem to have a breakout ongoing on my face and I have horrible dark circles, so concealers are my BFF! I’m currently using collections lasting concealer.
Mascara can make you look so much more awake so I always have it on. I use Essence’s Lash Princess Mascara cause it gives high end lenght and volume for such a cheap price.

What are your favourite skincare brands and why?

I have super sensitive skin, so I love simple! Simple is my all time favourite brand and I cannot fault any of their products!

What are your favourite cosmetic brands and why?

Essence and MUA Cosmetics are my two favourites.
I’m a drug store girl at heart and I adore a good bargain! I hate over spending on products that I can get cheaper.
Both of these brands give amazing results for such a small price tag!

Do you have a holy grail item? One that you simply cannot be without? Why is it so special?

I have two! One is Aussie’s miracle Moist spray in conditioner. I’ve used it after every wash since I was 15 (I’m 20 now!) and whenever I don’t I feel a difference!
I also swear by real techniques brushes! I know it sounds silly but the way they make your make-up sit is amazing! No other brush gives me the same effect so I literally use these for everything!

I’m always looking for new blogs to check out, so please recommend one of your favourites!

confettiandcurves.com – Karen is an amazing blogger and well worth a read! She is also one of the first friends I made from blogging.

theflowerthablooms.wordpress.com – Lauren and Rachel are two amazing people who are as LUSH obsessed as I am!

Thanks so much for taking part Bronagh I really enjoyed reading your answers! I’ll have to pay more attention to your blog for thrifty beauty tips as I’m a horror for spend spend spend, which is a problem when you are skint skint skint!

As always, if you’re a blogger of any genre, and you’d like to take part, then all you need to do is fill in this form, and email me a photo you’d like me to use! I look forward to hearing from you!

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