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Paul & Joe Beaut

Okay so I might have done a little tiny weeny bit of shopping at ASOS and it might all have been Paul & Joe.  Well I did mention lately that I was obsessed with the brand. In my defence three of the four items I bought were in the sale and I’ve already blogged about the gorgeous polish in the green box already. But what of the three remaining boxes? What might be contained within their beautiful designs? Lets be honest, if there’s one thing Paul & Joe Beaute excel in, it’s packaging. Both the outer and inner packaging is to-die-for-beautiful.

This is the first range of make up I’ve owned where I’ve kept it all in the boxes. It’s not even very practical, particularly with the polishes, as the boxes don’t fit into my polish storage too well but I don’t care, the boxes are just too lovely to bin so I’m keeping them.

So what did I get then?

First up, from the permanent range, the Face Colour in Tango (£15).

Paul & Joe Face Colour in Tango
Paul & Joe Face Colour in Tango

A beautiful powder in a stunning compact. You can either use both of the colours separately or blended together. I’ll certainly use them blended together.

Paul & Joe Face Colour in Tango

This is a very beautiful colour but I have to be careful what I team it with, I’ve learned to my peril that it doesn’t go with pink at all and I look positively jaundiced in it. Teamed with warmer colours this is a winner. I’ll be looking closely at the rest of the colours (there’s loads of them) and perhaps getting a couple more at some point. It’s so soft and easy to blend I’m really happy with this.

Then we have a Nail Enamel from the Manhatten (Fall) Collection, in Downtown (Was £10.50 but currently £7 in the sale).

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Downtown
Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Downtown

I can’t say this is the kind of colour I’d normally go for but I grabbed it because it was in the sale and it coordinated with the other bits I was buying. The best way I can describe the colour is that it’s very much like Nars Orgasm Blusher. A pinky-peach with a gold shimmer. It’s very pretty. The wear on this was excellent. 4 days no chips. I only removed it because I broke a nail.

Finally, the absolute highlight of my purchases. The Manhattan Collection Colour Palette in Central Park West  (was £30 but now £19 in the sale).

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Colour Palette in Central Park West
Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Colour Palette in Central Park West

OMG OMG how stunning is that? The palette itself is so beautiful as is the inside of the case. The palette contains two brushes (I’ve not used), the inside lid is a mirror and you get four eyeshadows and a blusher, the middle shade being the blusher. And if they don’t look pretty enough in the pans, then the swatches are amazing and more than live up to my expectations, they exceed them in fact. Each swatch on bare skin and one swipe of the colour.

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Colour Palette in Central Park West
Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Colour Palette in Central Park West

Absolutely stunning. The Colour Palette is still on sale along with two other colour versions, both of which I’m contemplating going back for as they are so gorgeous and if they perform as well as this one then I feel I’d be missing out not having them!

I bought all of the above from ASOS as previously mentioned.

Look out for a post featuring the Paul & Joe Spring collection really soon 🙂

10 responses to “A Little Paul & Joe Beauty Splurge”

  1. ihavemostlybeen says:

    Eek anothr post fueling my reddish brown eye shadow craving! That one next to the green, which also happens to be gorgeous, is exactly what I am looking for and hoping Chanel Ebloui will deliver when I finally get my hands on it! I know I am completely alone in this but I just don’t love the Paul & Joe packaging, which I am sure makes me weird!

  2. Charlie says:

    Ah lovely, that reddish brown is a beauty. Well they are all lovely.

    I’m sure there must be others out there who also don’t love the packaging! x

  3. Simderella says:

    Love the packaging for all these products! xx

  4. Leticia says:

    Love the eyeshadow palette. Those are definitely colors I would wear.

  5. Replica says:

    I love the look of the palette…heads off to ASOS… 😉

  6. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the comments all. Replica – i have a sneaking suspicion they may have put the prices back up… going to look myself as I fancy one of the other colour ways!

  7. Y says:

    I love the eyeshadow palette and the nail polish 🙂

  8. lovethescents says:

    The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous….I hope you might consider doing a FOTD and showing us? 🙂

  9. Charlie says:

    yes I will! I did do one but my photos were all blurry and I didn’t look at them until I’d cleaned my face later in the day. I’ll try again soon x

  10. AngieBeautyBelle says:

    Paul and Joe packaging is so cutee 🙂


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