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I have to admit I know very little about Rituals. I had it in mind as a high end brand and as it’s not one thats sold locally to me I hadn’t given it much thought.

So it was a nice surprise to be sent a box of goodies to be sent to have a play with. It’s always nice to be introduced to a brand that hasn’t crossed your path before. So I hit Google to find out what they are all about. In brief, Rituals have been around since 2000 and develop high quality products from body and facial care to candles, perfumes, gemstone make up and even tea! All the products are inspired by Eastern rituals, Hammam steam bath rituals, Samurai shaving rituals and the gemstones make up ritual are all examples of a long line of beautiful traditions.

The range is not tested on animals, and claim to use natural, renewable and organic ingredients for their products, using safe alternatives for anything that nature doesn’t create.

So lets have a closer look at some examples of the make up.

Rituals Cosmetics

Nice plain black packaging with silver print. With the exception of the Eve’s Kiss lip treatment. I also wanted to show you a couple of examples of what you might find on the inside of your packaging as it’s a nice touch.

Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics

I’ll talk about the products individually now, starting with the  Eve’s Kiss.
Rituals CosmeticsRituals Cosmetics

 A gorgeous liquid balm with apple flavour. It’s like the most delicious crisp Granny Smith and I can’t get enough of it. Usually with lip balms I’m terrible, I just forget to apply, but I love this so much I’m putting it on throughout the day. Also doubles as a clear gloss. It’s a bargain at £4.90.
Next up is the Line Up Eyebrow Pencil. A snip at £7.50. I’m sorry the first pic is blurry, very shoddy of me.
Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
 Oh my word. My second holy grail discovery in as many weeks. I LOVE this pencil. A brush attached to the lid, a pencil for filling in the shape of your brows and a highlighter. Amazing and only £7.50. Available in three shades, Hazel, Blonde and Brunette (I have Brunette), I’ve not reached for anything else when it comes to my brows. This is fantastic!
Ruby Lips in Nude:
Rituals Cosmetics
Gorgeous colour, lovely texture and full of moisturisers.Worn this a fair bit, and it lasts a long time on my lips as it’s quite a dry consistency… but not too dry, I didn’t need a balm underneath… I have my eye on the colour Sunset. Very nice. £11.50
Perfectionist Eyeliner:
Rituals Cosmetics
Just about the finest point I’ve ever had the pleasure to use. I’m useless with liquid eyeliner, I’ve virtually given up on it altogether but this is one of the easiest I’ve ever used. I’m by no means perfect with it but its pretty easy to use. I had a bit of transfer to my upper lid after a couple of hours of wear unfortunately but the line itself stayed perfect until I removed it. I ust wish I was better at putting the stuff on! £9.50.
Precious Foundation. You can see the bottles up there in that first shot. I was sent two shades, No1 and No2. No2 was far too dark for me and No1 wasn’t quite right either. Although looking at the pictures at the end of this post it doesn’t look too bad, but I distinctly remember looking in the mirro later in the day to see a patchy, slightly shiny and ever so slightly orange face looking back at me… could it be oxidisation? Anyway, it looks nice enough of my skin, it just wasn’t quite right sadly, but it has SPF10. £17.90
Swatches of the Precison Line, Brow Pencil & highlighter, Nude Lipstick and Precious foundation in shade1.
Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
Saving the best Item til last I give you Sunglow Peach:
Rituals Cosmetics
 A shimmer powder suitable for cheeks or eyes. I’ve been using it religiously on both since I got it. It’s GORGEOUS!  For cheeks I tend to swirl my brush around the outside, going back in for the centre colour after to add a highlight. I love this so much, and its gorgeous on eyes too. £22.90.
I won’t go on about it. Here’s some swatches and pictures of it in use.
Rituals Cosmetics

This one shows the Sunglow Peach on my cheeks as well as a closer look at the foundation in use.

Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
Rituals Cosmetics
 I can’t rate this product highly enough, it’s just perfect for holidays. A multi-use compact for your bag. I love it.
Rituals CosmeticsAnd for reference here are ALL of the above products applied on half my face. Don’t ask me why its only half my face, it just is!
So Rituals, not as high end as I thought it was. Some of the products are a little pricier like the palette and the foundation but others are complete bargains like the lip balm and the eyebrow pencil. And that eyebrow pencil is my favourite eyebrow product ever. I’m completely smitten. I’m tempted to go buy another three of them right now in case I lose one or some disaster should strike!
This is a brand well worth checking out. I can’t say the whole issue of the precious stones is one that has any meaning to me, I don’t really care if my eyeliner has sapphire in it or if my lipstick contains rubies, but as a brand the products seem really good for the prices and I’m looking at the site now and  the body products are really calling my names in particular the Hammam Hot Scrub, Sunrise Scrub. And then theres the fragrances… I’m liking the sound of the Sandalwood and Wild Rose Perfume and the Violet and White Lily Parfum.
So I’m glad this brand has come to my attention, I’ll be looking a lot closer from now on.
All the above products are available from https://uk.rituals.com/en-gb/home and http://www.johnlewis.com/. Well worth a little look.
Disclaimer: PR Samples

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  1. Emily says:

    Gosh these are simply beautiful! I didn’t know that Rituals did cosmetics! I might have to check them out at some point 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    I absolutely LOVE Rituals, have for years, I live near a shop so always pop in!! i love their tea, washing up liquid, home scents, shower gel, hand cream and NUDE lipstick is one of my faves. Actually I love pretty much everythign they do, glad you did too xx

  3. I have never heard of Rituals but I love the look of the lipstick and the palette, they look gorgeous.

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