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Ellis Faas Eyes

Ellis Faas EyesWe’ve had a look at a few samples of Ellis Faas Lips and now it’s time to have a little look at the Ellis Faas Eyes range. Exactly the same packaging as the lip products.Heavy, stylish, quality, even the same applicators. One is a sponge tip, as shown in the above picture and the other is a small brush. In addition they both have the colours inset into the base for easy reference. And it is really handy I have to admit.  I forgot to take pictures of that for my lips post so you can see them now.  No complaints with the packaging at all. I love it!

So the eyeshadows are liquid but they dry to a matte powder.They promise not to crease and to leave a smooth finish. Whilst the lip products come in three finishes, Glaze, Creamy and Milky, the eye shadows  come in two finishes, Creamy and Milky, and are available in 14 colours. I was sent Creamy Eyes E105 which is is taupey mauve shade filled with very subtle lilac shimmer. It’s absolutely stunning and although there is shimmer there the dimension it adds to the colour is very subtle.  Here’s how it looks on with a blurry shot which demonstrates the shimmer to good effect (but you will need to enlarge it really):

Ellis Faas Eyes E105Ellis Faas Eyes E105

I was also sent Milky Eyes E208. The Milky eyes have a more translucent considently and are generally speaking more vivid. E208 is a pinky peachy tan shade and although I have used it on my eye I don’t yet have photo’s of it in use, so I will do a Face of the Day post using it soon. I do however have a picture of both colours swatched and I blended the E208 a bit to demonstrate it’s finish.

Ellis Faas Eyes

I find these products easy to use BUT you do need to practice as it takes some times to get used to the product as it comes out of the applicator, as with the Lips, it is easy to overdo, but once you’ve got the feel for it it’s easier. I like to apply to my eyelid using the applicator and in the pictures above I simply used my fingers to blend the colour out. These last ALL day, I’ve had no problems with creasing at all and I have to say I’m very impressed.

 As with the lips I’m creating a pretty hefty wish list of shades, including E107, E204 and E209… this is looking like it could be the start of a very expensive addiction given that they retail at £22 each…beautiful products though, highly covetable.

I haven’t even mentioned the recently added (to the range) Lights… it goes without saying that pretty much all of these are on my list:

So thats it. A little look at Ellis Faas eyes. I love them.

*Disclosure – PR Sample *

0 responses to “Ellis Faas Eyes Swatch and review”

  1. Kelsey says:

    These look really interesting, do they feel sticky on your lid at all? I have had this problem in the past with cream/liquid eye products.

  2. Charlie says:

    Hi – no these dry to a powder finsh and I get no stickiness x

  3. ModestyBrown says:

    E105 looks lovely on you. I have that one but I must admit I find it very tricky to use. As it can take such a long time for it to “emerge” on the brush, I’ve usually twisted too much a big blob comes out! It has reminded me I need to use it again. Each time, I’m a bit more successful! There’s always lots of wastage though which is a shame.

    Thanks for the review, I look forward to seeing the E208 in action!
    Jane x

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