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29. 09. 2010

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Well I must confess I wasn’t actually going to put this manicure up as the pictures don’t do it justice but I was in town this morning and had four sales staff in different shops comment on it so I thought I might as well share.  It’s two coats of Orly’s Lunar Eclipse followed by one of Model’s Own Silver Spangle. Another reason I wasn’t going to put this up is I don’t like the way the Silver Spangle came out. I was hoping for stars on a midnight sky, but I got random splodges of glitter, far more than I wanted, all over. However, the reason it got so many compliments today is the Silver Spangle is so incredibly twinkly, especially under electric lights, which is why sales assistants noticed it, but sadly the finished result couldn’t be captured by my mediocre photgraphic skills. Anyway, here it is as it appears in daylight, just flat silver messy sparkles on blue:

A Lunar Spangle NotD

And next here’s a just a poor example of how it looks when light hits it:

A Lunar Spangle NotD

And finally a bit of blur to show some of the colours that show up:

A Lunar Spangle NotD

Hmm. Well it is very pretty, I’ll have to try harder with the application of Silver Spangle I think.  Anyone have any tips for using big glitters?

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I’m not loving the colour combination, but the glitter is absolutely amazing! I love this translucent kind of glitter because they flash multi-colour. I think they’d look better on a darker coat, or on christmas nails.


  2. lipstickmama says:

    I rather like this combo, I think the blue looks lovely. Never used glitter polish like this but would imagine it is not easy to get it even. Thanks for the post. Jan

  3. Charlie says:

    Jan, I really like the colour combo. The glitter is not only a bugger to get even but an absolutely nightmare to remove!

    Cheryl, I like the colour combo heaps but you’re right, that glitter is stunning 🙂

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