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I’ve been so lucky since I’ve been blogging and reading blogs, in that I’ve entered and won a few giveaways. The most recent being a Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Wishing For Wings from the lovely Delicate Hummingbird. I think I found her blog via  the Rouge Bunny Rouge Facebook page and it quickly became a favourite. Lovely writing, beautiful swatches, beautiful products from a wide variety of (mostly) luxury brands…what’s not to love. So I was thrilled to win her giveaway. What I received in the post was this:

The pigment, a sample of Thierry Mugler Alien (I’m definitely in the loves-Mugler camp), a teeny Bourjois lipgloss, a lovely note and two samples of products. It was truly a delight to receive. Thank you!

So the product itself. Well I’ve yearned for this for ages. I kept putting it in my Zuneta shopping basket, but never buying it. I’m not sure what was holding me back.

Anyway have a look. No idea why these pictures make the product inside the vial look a beige colour, it’s not beige, it’s a silvery lavender.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing For Wings
Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing For Wings
Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing For Wings

So what you get is a wand, with a sponge tip, that when you pull it out, already has the product in place for you to put where you want it. It’s neat. I find it a little unwieldy though. You can see in the bottom picture there that in the background there’s some product on the counter top… I found I lost a tiny bit in this way when I pulled the wand out.. It’s no biggie.  Here’s the obligatory swatch:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing For Wings

You see? Not beige, it’s a lavender-y grey/silver and very very sparkly. It’s very pretty. I’ve not played around with it loads yet but have chosen to wear it sheerly. Here it is with Mac White Gold pigment (love), I dabbed it onto the outer corner and in the crease and blended out with a brush. Very sheer, very natural, very pretty.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing For Wings
Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing For Wings

Love. This is without primer but I do intend fully to pack it on over a dab of Paint Pot or some Urban Decay Primer Potion in the near future because I’m fairly sure you could create something pretty striking with it.

So thank you so much to Delicate Hummingbird, I love it. I’ve worn it rather a lot since I got it. The only problem is that now I want Night Wind Sailing (pewter with pink pearl) and Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree (gold with pale mandarin). I’d best get saving then!

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  1. Lauren Baker says:

    Rouge Bunny Rouge products make me swoon, but the price certainly do not, hehe. xx

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