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As a blogger, over the years I’ve become wary about announcing Holy Grail products because you never know what’s out there that you haven’t discovered yet, or hasn’t yet been invented, but this product here is as close to a Holy Grail product as I can recommend.

If you’re not used to the concept (I was aware of it but had never tried), it can take a bit of getting used to but here we have one product that promises to Cleanse, condition, detangle, enhance volume, eliminate frizz and reduce blow drying time.

This is the Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Cleansing Conditioner.


It dispenses as  gel, turns to mousse as you spread it between your hands and as you apply it to your hair it does not lather.

To quickly tell you about my existing routine, I usually shampoo which leaves my hair very tangled and at worst dreadlock-y, then apply a lot of conditioner and work it through the tangles. I then leave the conditioner in while I do all my other shower jobs, then rinse, and often it takes a lot of rinsing to get conditioner out.

With this, my shower time is cut dramatically. Now I get in the shower, wash, shave whatever needs shaving, dispense a couple of pumps of this to my hair, smooth it through and work it in quickly, then rinse out immediately. After I apply a hair oil or serum.

It takes a minute or two at most. Despite the lack of lather my hair is left clean, shiny, and tangle free. It’s incredible. The first time I used it, I expected my hair to still be dirty when it was dry, but it it wasn’t.

So simple and quick to use and so effective. I’m not sure about reducing drying time but every other claim seems to be correct. Its quite literally amazing.

There is a catch though, and this is purely a question of priorities and budget. I think it’s really expensive.  I had a 90ml can which retails at £8.75 but it lasted a fortnight which isn’t long. However, there’s a 250 ml can which costs £25.75 and would last longer… but it’s still expensive. That said, you’re buying the equivalent of three products in place of one, shampoo, conditioner and serum/oil, and if the brands you usually buy aren’t cheap then this is probably great value.

It’s certainly worth the money, my dry hair LOVES it, and I’m not a fan of showering so anything that makes the process quicker is well worth it in my book.

Absolutely brilliant, and I’m very very impressed.

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  1. Nicola says:

    The 250 ml can is just over £15 quid on Amazon x

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