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So I recently showed you my simply amazing toner duo from Aveda, that I’m using twice daily. I also did a post about the face oil and balm cleanser I’m currently using. I’ve also told you all about how my skin is looking so much better these days. I’m still getting spots at my time of the month, but they are going much faster than ever before, but best of all, all the bumps under my skin are GONE. Every single last one of them. Gone. I’m going to thank my prescription med and a quality lot of products for this about turn in my skin which is looking pretty radiant at the moment, even with my spots!

Next in my arsenal of regular products which I think have really helped get me back on track is the Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner.

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiant Skin Refiner

I use the liquid Exfoliant twice a day, but this one, a more traditional exfoliator, I use twice a week. Tourmaline, finely powdered, boosts the skin’s energy and radiance. The product itself is thick and creamy, and made with clay, bamboo extract and tourmaline. Simply massage onto a moist face and remove with a warm, damp cloth, blot your face dry and then brush away any particles left on the skin. A word on the moist skin thing, I’d go much much further and say make sure your face is really wet. The first time I used this my skin just wasn’t wet enough and it was nearly painful and left my skin quite red. Rookie mistake, I didn’t make that mistake again, once I started to get my skin wetter, I found this to be an exceptional product, you feel like your skin has been really exfoliated, and you’re left bright and glowing afterwards with no discomfort.

It’s truly amazing, used in conjunction with the exfoliating toner, I believe these have had a drastic effect on my skin, for the good.

It’s not cheap at £32 for 100ml, but this is another winning product and one I will absolutely buy again. No question, that said, a little goes a long way so I’d expect it to last me quite some time.

You can purchase from counters nationwide or from the Aveda website here.

*Disclosure – Sample sent for Review Purposes*

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