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Gotta love a decent moisturiser! The weather is cold (and drying), central heating is drying and in the winter months our skin can really suffer. As we get older too, our skin can change and need a heavier dose of moisture and that’s certainly been the case for me. This winter, age 40, has been the first winter I’ve seen a real change in my skin. It was dry to the point of flaking off particularly on my cheeks. I’ve always suffered a bit of dryness on my nose that has always made applying foundation tricky but this year its spread out onto my cheeks and even my chin to a lesser degree and my usual moisturiser just didn’t cut it.

I recently blogged about the Aveda moisturiser I use and really love, but when I was sent the Balance Me Moisture-Rich Face Cream* to try out I thought I’d give it a go.

P1160323Balance Me’s whole ethos is one of using naturally active botanicals along with hi-tech natural formulations and pure grade essential oils to offer skin that works well as well as offering additional aromatherapy benefits.

This moisturiser is aimed at minimising signs of ageing in dry, sensitive and mature skin. Well that’s me then. *weep* It works to add a protective layer to shield the skin from daily wear and tear using Arctic Cloudberry  to offer powerful anti-oxidants along with organic shea butter, camelia, rosehip and kukui nut oils to moisturise while offering vitamins, lipids and fatty acids.

It smells beautiful and feels really luxurious whilst managing to avoid any greasy feel on the skin although I can still feel something on my skin when I’ve finished applying. The lovely pump bottle dispenses just the right amount and I was pleasantly surprised at how little I needed.

Given that I’m already happy with my routine, and given the slight amount of product left on my skin once applied (it’s not greasy, so much as ever so slightly tacky), I’ve slotted this into my night time routine. In part down to the dryness, and in part just because of how my skin is, I can get some redness around my nose and I find using this at night means that redness is less obvious when I wake in the mornings.

Would definitely recommend this but depends on your skin and your routines as to whether I’d recommend it as a day cream, a night cream or both. I haven’t tried it under make up but as my skin and make up are fussy at the best of times I’m avoiding using it underneath cosmetics.

Balance Me Daily Essentials Moisture-Rich Face Cream is £24 for 50ml (as shown) and there are two smaller sizes available,  10ml for £6 and 25ml for £15.

*Product received free of charge for review purposes.



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