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I spotted some new Lancome things coming up and wanted to take a moment to share them with you as I think they look fantastic and totally capture my well documented love of all things smoky!
The first press release I received and the thing that really grabbed my attention is the new mascara. Hypnose Star. Promising amplification and curl the packaging is absolutely beautiful. Excuse the massive image but I couldn’t show you how pretty this is when it was any smaller!
The brush itself has two flat edges and tow round edges, meaning you can load all your lashes but also separate and lengthen.
I can’t comment on its performance as I’ve not tried it but it promise to be feather light and I do think generally Lancome do great mascaras. In terms of colour, this is black, enriched with minarl pigments with light-reflecting oils which they are calling Black Diamondshine.
I’m sold. Hypose Star is £21 and available from Selfridges until the 15th July, when it then launches nationally.
So I went off to the Selfridges website to check it out and that’s when I discovered it wasn’t the only thing being released, there are a wealth of new, gorgeous eyeshadows too!  Again, I’ve not tried any of these, I’m just sharing the info from one beauty lover to other beauty lovers.
So here’s the low down on the new Ombre Hypnose. 24 shades in four different finishes. All infused with Pro-Xylane, apparently an anti ageing ingredient. I’m all over that!
Ok so there are six Matte shades, Beige Nu, Petale de Roses, Midnight Violet, Bleu Nuit, Tres Chocolat and Noir Intense. I’d like Beige Nu and Noir Intense.
Then there are seven Pearly finishes. in Sable Enchante, Perle Ambree, Rose Perlee, Violine Tresor, Lagon Secret, Bleu de France, Perle Grise. Put me down for  Rose Perlee and Perle Grise.
Then there are five Iridescent finishes, Pepite Douce, Cuban Light, Eclat de Bleuet, Bleu Precieux and Erika F, I’ll take Pepite Douce and Erika F please.
Then finally there are six Sparkling shades. Rose Etoile, Etoile d’Argent, Violet Divin, Strass Black and Etincelle d’Emeraude. Rose Etoile and Strass Black please!.
You see I have a hefty shopping list… Best get saving then these are £17 each, which if they swatch as beautifully as they sound, I’d happily pay, although I’ll have to edit my list quite considerably!
Below are a few images… alas I’m not too sure which shades they are, except I do know the third one down is Erika F. Gorgeous.



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    That mascara sounds super promising!

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