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Woah! Lengthy blog post title this week! Anyway, welcome to this week’s BBBT features one of my all time favourite bloggers.

Say hello to the very lovely Nic from the Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog. Nic’s blog has long been one of my favourite beauty blogs, great photographs, fantastic writing and honest reviews. What’s not to like! She’s ridiculously gorgeous too. Swoon!

So without further ado let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Tell us a little bit about your blog (just a sentence or two to summarise):
Strawberry Blonde Beauty is where I share my passion for luxury and natural beauty products, with regular reviews, musings & tips on make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair & nails.

What is your top skincare product recommendation?
I genuinely struggle to choose just one, but the product that’s made the most significant visible improvement to my skin is Alpha H Liquid Gold.  Other products come and go but this is the one I keep coming back to.

Do you have a favourite cosmetics brand, and if so why?  
Laura Mercier.  Maybe not as glam as some of my other loves (YSL, Burberry & Dior, I’m looking at you!), but in terms of quality products that actually deliver, perform as well as they look and are truly wearable, it’s a winner.  I’ve been using Laura Mercier as long as I can remember.

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand, and if so why?
Wah this is like making me choose a favourite child!  😉  At a push, Essie for great quality and lovely application.  I love Butter London equally but it’s pricier.  Mavala is fabulous for both colour range and quality (if only the brush was bigger) and NYC is my go-to budget range.

What cosmetic item could you not live without and why? (e.g. mascara, concealer etc)
I’d have to say foundation as it’s the one I reach for when  I’ve only got time to apply one product!  I’m not completely sure why as my skin isn’t that bad, but I feel naked without it and acceptable with.

This question is one for me personally, what is your holy grail foundation (if you’ve found it!), I feel like, and I’m sure many other feel this way too, that the hunt for the perfect foundation is never over!
I’m a foundation obsessive too – my long term holy grail is Laura Mercier Creme Smooth for perfect coverage with a natural finish. Recently I’m obsessed with YSL Touche Eclat – dewy, natural coverage that’s just enough to hide the bad and highlight the good!  Benefit Hello Flawless liquid foundation is also wonderful and falls somewhere in between the two.  If I was forced to choose one it would be the YSL.

It’s the old desert island question. You’re stuck on a desert island, you had time to grab three cosmetic/beauty items before you got stranded, what are they?
That’s an easy one for me – foundation, blusher and mascara.  Foundation as explained above; blusher because it makes my face look alive, and mascara because my lashes are blonde and I look like a scared, tired rabbit without it!

Finally, recommend me two of your favourite blogs please.
carolinehirons.com for laughs as much as fabulous skincare advice and britbeautyblogger.com to stay up to speed with what’s new and coming next in the world of beauty!

Thanks so much for taking part Nic! I’ve got two confessions! The first is that I’ve never tried NYC and the second is that I’ve never tried Laura Mercier!. Oops! I’ll have a look at that foundation for starters I think!

Please head over and show your support and have a read of Nic’s fab blog http://www.strawberryblondebeauty.com/.

As always, if you’d like to take part, please drop me an email to charlie@ladyofthelane.com. 🙂

3 responses to “Beauty Blogger’s Best Things with Nic from Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog”

  1. Love this feature, great way to discover new reads! x

  2. Ohhh, it’s me! 🙂 Thank you for featuring me today Charlie

    Nic xx

  3. Radenstejoe says:

    Clarins has just launched a biteauful foundation called Skin Illusion. I used to use a foundation from their Super Restorative line that I absolutely loved, but since I don’t need that extreme coverage anymore, I’ve been working through a few samples of this one. It’s lovely, and it looks just like bare skin like they say, only significantly more flawless haha. Glad to see you back blogging! :)Alex

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