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Well after a long long hiatus I’ve decided it’s time to bring back my weekly Beauty Blogger’s Best Things feature. It was always really successful and a great way to find out other people’s favourite and holy grail items as well as a great way to find new blogs. So I’m delighted to bring it back and my first willing participant is the lovely Elyse from http://www.sweetelyseblog.com.

Elyse’s blog is summed up in three words, beauty, fashion and pretty thing so pleas head over and show your support.

I’ve changed the questions a little bit since last time round, but basically the questions are similar so lets crack on!

What is your top skincare product recommendation?
I really can’t rave about Etat Pur’s Citric Acid AHA enough. My skin tends to go crazy at times and most products offer little to no help. I found the Citric Acid completely cleared my skin up quickly (pimples, redness and pigmentation marks) in a short space of time, I was also asked twice at the weekend what moisturiser I used as they wanted to know my youthful skin secrets (Yes I’m talking about you ladies over in Lacoste, Glasgow).

Do you have a favourite cosmetics brand, and if so why?
I really don’t, I love cosmetics so much I can’t just stick to one brand. I do love Artdeco, Clinique and Benefit as they have been definite go to brands over the last few years.

Do you have a favourite nail polish brand, and if so why?
I’ve debated this so many times and normally I would have said Nails Inc.  I love that they continually change things up and I just literally purchased Nail’s Inc. Belgravia Beaded Polish.  Not sure how it will look but I do love sand textures and this look similar. Saying that I recently purchased Seche’s polishes in Coral, Snap Dragon and Portobello; they are awesome. Fully opaque with just 1 coat and super glossy.  I’m the worst at coming to a decision aren’t I?

What cosmetic item could you not live without and why? (e.g. mascara, concealer etc) 
Eyebrow pens (use to be eyebrow pencils but I’ve since converted to the eyebrow felt pens). After having my sons my hormones went crazy and I was left with patchy eyebrows. I think having nice eyebrows brightens up a face with or without makeup.

This question is one for me personally, what is your holy grail foundation (if you’ve found it!), I feel like, and I’m sure many other feel this way too, that the hunt for the perfect foundation is never over!
I have super white skin so most ‘light’ foundations make me look like I’ve been tangoed. I have since started using Vichy Idealia BB cream which is just amazing on my skin; the light shade is light enough for my ghostly skin and leaves a healthy glow. This may not be suitable for all readers’ skin tones of course but as a summery bb cream I’d definitely recommend it.  As for a full coverage foundation, I am also still on the hunt.

It’s the old desert island question. You’re stuck on a desert island, you had time to grab three cosmetic/beauty items before you got stranded, what are they?
Tweezerman Tweezers
Artdeco Eyebrow Pen
Etat Pur Citric Acid AHA

Finally, recommend me two of your favourite blogs please.
The Sunday Girl – Love her on point advice and straight talking reviews, I may be slightly biased due to her also being Scottish.
Honestly WTF – Fashion, DIY, Awesome items and food. What’s not to love, plus I wished I had invented that blog name.

Ooh there are a few things there I need to google, stat!

Thank you so much for taking part, readers don’t forget to head over and check out Elyse’s lovely blog and if you are a blogger fancy featuring in BBBT yourself, all you need to do is drop me a line at charlie@ladyofthelane.com.

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