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17. 04. 2012

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Beever Daily Revive

Until I was sent this product for review purposes, Beever wasn’t a name I was familiar with at all. Apparently Beever is a range of unisex styling and finishing products designed by hairdressers and now available to the consumer. I have to admire the no-nonsense does-what-it-says-on-the-tin, it really is nice to pick up a product and see exactly what it is and what it does because the minimalist packaging style doesn’t incorporate a tonne of tiny print to get through on the back.

Beever Daily Revive is a specialist hairspray which lightly moisturises and improves elasticity, texture and shine.

Its about as simple as it gets to use, mist over your towel dried hair, comb through and style as usual.

You can also top up when needed, it promises no product build up so when your hair is feeling a bit tired you can give it another spritz.  I don’t tend to do this because I rarely think about the state of my hair later in the day, but I have done so for the purposes of this review and I can confirm there doesn’t seem to be any product build up and my hair does feel great.

All in all  have a new love with this. I use it virtually every single time I wash my hair and my hair does indeed seem to have an extra “swish” about it.

I have got a lot of hair and a lot of split ends at the moment but I’m due a haircut this week and can’t wait to “swish” up my new style when its done!

The Daily Revive is £10.45 and available from www.beever.co.uk

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  1. Big Fashionista says:

    Am I allowed to giggle even a little bit?

    No? Spoilsport. 🙂

    This does look good, may have to check it out, I do love a good swishing

    • Charlie says:

      Au contraire! I’ve been waiting for someone to giggle all day! I thank you for not disappointing me! Tis good stuff tho!

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