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I had the Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Makeover Kit for my birthday which was especially timely since I’ve just been considering buying a palette of greys. As probably most of you know, smokey eyes are my favoured look and I wear them most days in varying colours. I have a couple of single grey eyeshadows and a variety of bases like Mac Paint Pots and Grease sticks, but I really wanted a palette that would house everything.

So thanks Mother In Law, you timed that well!

I already have the Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Kit and have had it for years, it’s probably the oldest thing I own and whilst I don’t reach for it often these days I can’t bear to part with it!

Anyway, back to the Smokin Eyes Kit.

Benefit Smokin' Eyes Makeover Kit

There’s a pale pink highlight shade, a pewter shadow, a charcoal shadow, a brow wax, a little palette of the Eye Bright (usually found in pencil form), tweezers, a black liner and a double ended brush. Most importantly and why I love these kits is that included is an instruction booklet. It shows you exactly where to place each product.  It’s virtually foolproof for a dunce like me.

I’m wearing today (at the time of writing) and I’ve blended out for a softer look but the colours are pigmented enough to build up for a fantastically dramatic look.

Benefit Smokin' Eyes Makeover Kit
Benefit Smokin' Eyes Makeover Kit
Benefit Smokin' Eyes Makeover Kit
 I really rate these Benefit Eyekits, they are superb. The products are great and the detailed application instructions are fab, great for anyone who needs a bit of assistance with where to place products!
Thanks Mother in Law, it’s a fab pressie.
If no one will buy this for you, then I think it’s about £29 and well worth a look.

0 responses to “Benefit Smokin’ Eyes Makeover Kit”

  1. Rocaille says:

    I really like the look you created with it, a perfect daytime soft smokey eye! x

  2. Prettyinthedesert says:

    Oh those colors are gorgeous!!

  3. The charcoal black eyeshadow is bloomin amazing, thanks for reminding me i own this ;P xxx

  4. Y says:

    It looks like such a nice palette!

  5. liloo says:

    the perfect palette, the perfect eye. wow, you are so good at these ultra wearable looks yet sultry and deffo not boring x

  6. Charlie says:

    Aww Liloo, I don’t feel very good at these things but thanks!

    Lovely palette though, I recommend!

  7. That looks really nice. Very subtle, sophisticated smokey look!

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