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I first blogged about the Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder in Porcelain Pearl back in 2013. I’m on my second one right now so I wanted to revisit it.

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder

As you can see below, my second one is well loved too and it probably won’t be too long before I need to replace again!

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder So what you have is a palette of face powder in a variety of colour correcting shades. The palette is so incredibly versatile and that’s why its become one of my most favourite products. Primarily this is a finishing powder, blend over your face, just like your average powder, with a big fluffy brush preferably. Used in this way it seems to add a touch of radiance and a soft focus effect. It’s fantastic.

The main way I like to use it though is as a highlighter. It’s not shimmer (only the white shade has a small amount of pearl effect), but because it brightens so beautifully, it almost has extra impact if you use it on your cheekbones, forehead, chin, on top of your usual powder. I use it this way very often. It adds an incredibly natural glow to the skin, exactly where you want the light to catch you.

The final way I use this palette is as individual colour correctors. As you can see the green has a big old dent in it as I use it on  blemishes A LOT. It wasn’t until reasonably recently I started using it in this way, using a small but very fluffy brush to pick out a shade and apply where necessary, personally I use these under my normal powder and you must take care to blend them but they work amazingly well. I use the green on any spots and redness, the purple goes on any yellow or sallow areas, the pink brightens around the eyes while the yellow is great for hiding purple or blue veins or under eye circles. The white highlights like a dream. The blue I don’t tend to use on its own but if your fake tan has gone a bit streaky, apply some blue, since blue counteracts orange nicely.

The palette is a whopping £42 so I don’t use it as an everyday all over powder (but definitely use it for this for special occasions!), but I use it for brightening and correcting every single day. 100% recommend, its an absolutely beautiful product!

I purchased this palette myself from Bobbi Brown but my original product was a sample for review purposes and as such is disclosed on that post.

Bonus picture as my Thor came to investigate what I was up to.

Bobbi Brown brightening finishing powder

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  1. kels says:

    Sounds like a great highlighter! I don’t know if I can bring myself to pay £42 though..
    And what a cute pooch!

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