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A few months ago I reviewed the Yellow Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder which has become a staple item of me, with a light dusting around my nose and another signs of redness but now I’ve added another of the Retouching Powders to my arsenal, in an attempt to get a flawless finish. Namely the Peach version.

Bobbi Brown Peach Retouching Powder

Whereas the yellow powder is for neutralizing red areas the peach is for either warming up pale skintones or evening out darker or tanned skin. Naturally I count as pale and I find the lightest touch of this across the high points of my face does indeed add a bit of warmth, nothing obvious mind, but we don’t want obvious. I say I used it on the high points of my face, but I have a little routine going where I get the yellow powder and lightly dust around my nose and well the peach… I seem to have gravitated to using it all over. It’s ultra fine, HD if you will, except for me, the white HD powders seem to sit in my pores and have a tendency to look dry, whereas this is invisible on the skin, absolutely invisible.

The opts are small, at 4.7g, but they are not supposed to be finishing powders for the entire face, it just so happens that’s how I’m using mine. That said, as I learned on my Bobbi Brown make up lesson a few months ago, I was using far too much powder (even though I was thought I wasn’t) so I still envisage this pot will last me a long time, the yellow even more so.

Bobbi Brown Peach Retouching Powder

Far from being gimmicky as you might think with these powders, these are truly awesome tools to have, to help create that flawless finish. I have a hankering for Rose now… and White to see how it compares to other white HD powders I’ve previously tried….

All of the Retouching Powders are £25 and I got mine from www.bobbibrown.co.uk/

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