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I recently posted about a couple of beautiful Brenda Anvari skin care products I was using, the Skin Tonic and the Skin Serum. Those two items have made a massive difference to my skin, seriously, dehydrated skin? What dehydrated skin? So I’ve now added a few more products to my weekly and daily skin routines.

Brenda Anvari Skincare

I recently went along to Visage House for a Deep Pore Cleansing Facial which was superb. I have raved before about the experience at Visage House and this occasion was no different, with the exception that on this occasion I was treated by Brenda Anvari herself. Not only was my skin treated to a very excellent and effective facial but I was able to pick Brenda’s brains to get the benefit of her many years of expertise in the skincare industry.

I have learned that since using the Skin Tonic and Skin Serum twice daily since my last visit I have managed to stop my skin being dehydrated which is in itself a revelation. I’ve learned a lot about the little bumps on my face (which is why I was there). A huge amount of those little bumps on my face have now been removed, a few remain, particularly on my chin, which Brenda was unable to work so thoroughly on as I was having a break out at the time of my appointment and squeezing and digging around in infected spots is a strict no no.

At Visage House there are four Face Treatments ranging from 45 mins to 1hr 45 mins, each is tailored to the individual. Prices range from £50 to £89 and if you are in the local area (Exeter) I highly recommend.

After my Face Treatment I was sent off with three new products to add into my daily and weekly regime and much like the Skin Tonic and Skin Serum, these are absolutely fabulous and my skin is really starting to show  the difference now I believe.

The Cleansing Milk (£15.95 for 250ml) is beautiful, with Lavender, Grapefruit and Bergamot. It smells out of this world. In the evenings I use this after first using an oil cleanser, and in the mornings I am using this alone. You just massage it in really well before either rinsing off or removing with a tissue or cotton wool. I prefer to  wash away with a muslin as I feel that’s most effective, but this is beautifully gentle, but still super effective. I then follow up with the Skin Tonic and the Skin Serum. Morning and night.

Then in addition I have the completely amazing Facial Exfoliating Cleanser (£15.95 for 250ml).

Brenda Anvari Skincare

I love this. I love everything about it. I love the herbal scent (rosemary). I love the light creamy texture and I love the amount of scrub it gives… it’s perfection. It leaves my skin glowing. If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a scrub that’s so gentle you can’t feel the scrub, but neither is this harsh, it feels like it’s working and it leaves my skin glowing. I use this three times a week.

Finally, I’m now using the Intensive Face Mask (£15.95 for 50ml)

Brenda Anvari Skincare

For something called Intensive, this is the lightest creamiest  mask ever. It’s not one of those that dries on your face like a clay mask, nor is it a peel off mask, this is one of those that dries almost invisible and there are several ways of using it. You can use it as your traditional face mask, apply it and leave it on for 15-30 minutes then remove. Or if your skin is in particular need of saving, you can apply and leave on overnight. Then finally Brenda told me that if you do ever squeeze a spot (tut tut), then apply some of this to it immediately after and leave. The mask replenishes and restore the skin with it’s ingredients, Sea Buckthorne Oil That has a rich source of vitamin A and Omega 7 and Bergamot Oil for anti-aging and conditioning. It’s truly gorgeous and leaves my skin so smooth and radiant.

My skin is still not perfect, I’m still battling with hormonal spots that never seem to go, but that aside, my skin has never been better. I’m also using a wonderful moisturiser and eye cream which I’ll be blogging about very soon, but I credit Visage House and Brenda Anvari for the massive change in my skin. The treatment has cleared out the vast majority of blocked pores (some of which I’m told had been blocked for a long long time) and the products I’m using are helping to stop the pores from getting blocked again. Things are definitely on the up. Each blocked pore is a spot waiting to happen, so to have so many removed really helps me get back to a blank canvas as it were. Now my skin is no longer dehydrated, but is combination, but because it’s sensitive that means it could change at any time… so I’m doing my best to look after it.

I cannot recommend Brenda’s skincare products highly enough, they are exceptionally well priced considering the expertise and wonderful ingredients that go into them, and they are really effective, without any scientific babble to blind you. Gentle, cruelty free, simple and effective, perfect.

The next step for me on the road to skin recovery is to get the rest of the blocked pores unblocked and then I’m keen to get a facial oil into my routine somewhere. I’m also thinking I might go for a bit of Microdermabrasion at some point but will be taking advice from Brenda as to when she thinks that will be appropriate.

If you’re in Devon and you need your skin sorting, get yourself to Visage House for the most luxurious, effective Skin Treatments around. If you’re not in Devon but you like the sound of any of the products then you can buy the whole range online along with the beautiful home fragrances and body products.

Postage and Packaging is free if you spend over £50 and that is easily done, especially with Christmas looming, or  it’s £6.95 per order.

*Disclosure – Both the products and the treatment were provided to me free of charge*

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  1. ihavemostlybeen says:

    I have a friend who lives near Exeter who is in dire need of a treat, am going to send her a link to this! Glad you are seeing results, I keep thinking I should spend less on “stuff” and more on treatments!

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