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29. 07. 2013

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These are soooo cute!
Bubble Charms

Bubble Charms

Now I have to admit they would look better on longer nails than mine, but they are so simple to use and so so cute I couldn’t resist having a go!

Firstly, the Vintage Rose Ovals on a Rococo polish, Sandrine.

Bubble Charms

And then the Floral Bows on stripes. Awful stripes, remind me never ever to attempt stripes on my own nails again, but the bows are cute!

Bubble Charms

All you need to do is polish your nails as usual and stick on with nail glue, and that’s it. I thought that they’d either catch on everything or that they’d just fall off easily but neither was true, they stayed put until I picked them off. I was also concerned that when using nail glue on natural nails I might damage my nails, but it wasn’t the case for me. They left a tiny bit of nail glue residue which I just buffed off.

So pretty and really effective and cheap way to add a bit of nail art. These were provided to me by Sparkly Nails who sell lots of different bubble charms and they are all £1 for two charms.

So cute.

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One response to “Bubble Charms Review”

  1. Daniella says:

    I love these charms! The bows are beautiful and definitely my favourite.

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