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Gosh this weather huh? Well I’m in Devon as you probably already know, and we’ve been taking a beating weather wise, for what seems like an eternity… and with this oppressive onslaught of miserable weather can come lethargy and general lowering of moods… but I’ve got just the thing to shock you out of your wintery, rain-y slump.

Step forward Calyx from Clinique.

Clinique Calyx

Okay, so while the fragrance is new to Clinique, you may have heard the name before. That’s because it was actually released in 1986, when fragrances such as Opium were all the rage, and Calyx was intended to be a fruity floral breath of fresh air.

A Calyx is the protective covering of a flower bud, it’s green, protects a beautifully scented flower that will ultimately become a fruit. And so the name is perfect for this fragrance.

I don’t know what happened with the company that originally produced this fragrance but at some point the company and the fragrance disappeared until Clinique decided it was high time to bring this classic back!

Top notes are grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, papaya, mandarin, guava and green leaf, Middle notes are freesia, muguet, rose, neroli, jasmine and marigold and the Bottom notes are oakmoss, orris, sandalwood and vetiver.

There’s no escaping the fact that if you don’t like grapefruit then this isn’t for you, it’s extremely grapefuit-y. For me this is a good thing. It wakes the senses and energises, it’s perfect for spraying on first thing in the morning and in the Summer it’s going to be so refreshing, but it’s also perfect for now. While it’s so miserable outside, this brings a bit of Summer freshness to my life. It takes a while to settle down, but when I have a sniff of my skin after half an hour or so, it’s mellowed out and and along with the grapefruit I can detect a hint of greenery and a touch of white flowers. It’s really lovely.

I didn’t know what to expect from this at first, I thought it might be too much, but it’s just what I needed in these dark months and will be a blessing in the Summer!

Available exclusively from Debenhams from the 6th to the 27th of this month, it will be available nationwide  and online at www.clinique.co.uk from the 28th February.

50ml is £46 and 100ml is £66

*Disclosure – PR Sample*


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  1. Sarah says:

    I really want to try this out. I’m either going to love it or hate it. A lot of “fresh” scents are too citrussy or grassy for me, but conversely, Pure Grace by Philosophy is my signature scent and has been for nearly 10 years. I think this was originally a Prescriptives scent.

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