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I recently won my choice of YSL lippie from the fab Sarah at http://www.iheartcosmetics.co.uk/ as it turned out Sarah couldn’t find a YSL counter so she sent me a Debenhams voucher to buy my own… guess what? My Debenhams didn’t have a YSL counter either so she told me to just get whatever I wanted with it.

I had chosen a YSL Rouge Volupte in a bright pink, so I decided to find another high end lippie in a bright pick to stay true to what my prize was going to be.

I found myself drawn to the Chanel Rouge Allure’s because I just love the formula of them and the lovely lady at the Counter grabbed a couple of pink’s for me and applied them (really badly actually!) and I walked out swinging a cute little Chanel bag holding Rouge Allure No 65/Insolente.

Chanel Rouge Allure No 65 Insolente Review
It’s incredibly bright. Very nearly neon and I really love it. Pictures below don’t show the true colour really, its one of those thats particularly tricky to photograph, even with this lovely sunshine (at the time of writing!).
Here’s the swatch:
Chanel Rouge Allure No 65 Insolente Review
And here it is on my lips (along with a good look at my nostrils, perhaps I should have cropped this one! and also, what has happened to my left eye? I don’t appear to have a pupil!):
Chanel Rouge Allure No 65 Insolente Review
It’s such a gorgeous colour. The forumla is gorgeous, so moisturising.
And I’ll still be going back for the Volupte sometime soon I think. It was going to be Caress Pink if anyone’s interested!
Thanks Sarah very much, I really love my new lippie!
PS: I really need a bright pink lip liner, any recommendations?

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  1. KennethSoh says:

    Beautiful colour and there’s nothing to fault when it comes to Chanel really. Love the little click when you get the lippie out as well. Clever and very very lux feeling! Thanks Charlie xx

  2. Mari says:

    Lovely. What about Illamasqua Titivate lip liner described as a ‘warm bright pink’ ?

  3. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous darling, so sorry about the ysl though xx

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