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Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

I was SO excited to be given the cahnce to try the Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit. Promising straight hair for up to 12 weeks it sounded like the answers to my prayers. Why? Well lets have a look at my hair in all it’s natural glory. This is my hair after washing and leaving to dry naturally.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit
Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit
Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

I’d describe it as wavy and it’s a lot of hard work. I use straighteners often, both to straighten my hair (maybe twice a week) and to tidy up the waves and smooth them out a bit (more often). It’s not that I wanted straight hair as such, its more that I’d like to experience not having to do my hair every day. So, I was pretty excited.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

What you get in your box is the Straightening treatment, conditioning neutraliser, wide tooth comb, rubber gloves and aftercare conditioner.

I found the application procedure a doddle but I’m an old hand at home dying and this isn’t much different. Protect your clothes with an old towel. Get your straightening treatment on, comb through and keeping hair as straight as possible leave for 20 mins. Wash out. Add conditioning neutraliser, comb through, keep hair as straight as possible and leave for 5 minutes, wash out. Blow dry straight. Then as an optional extra you can straighten your hair to really help set your style. At this point you’re done. All that’s required after that is maintenance with the aftercare conditioner.

Obviously, if you’ve blow dried and straightened your hair is going to be straight. And mine certainly was.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

Okay so I’ve explained it’s easy to use. That is alas where the good part of this review ends.

The kit comes in two forms, for coloured hair and for non-coloured hair. I was sent the one for Coloured hair.  Yet it stripped a good deal of colour from hair. Before on the left, after on the right. My red streak has been left a washed out shade of orange. And it says that once you’ve used this, you can’t colour your hair for a fortnight after using. It’s just a Stargazer red, and I left it a week and I have actually reapplied because frankly, I can’t walk around like that.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

And lets talk about the smell. It’s disgusting. It does state on the box that the smell may last a couple of washes, so I was prepared, but 10 days later on washing my hair still smells vile. Still at least it stopped smelling constantly after about 5 days.

So what of it’s straightening abilities. Well, here’s what the box promises.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

With wavy hair I fully expected poker straight results, or at worst the After results of the Curly hair pictures. Even though I don’t describe myself as curly.

So after the stated 48 hours (after which my hair felt DISGUSTING and smelled SO bad) I washed my hair very excitedly. Imagine! Leaving my hair to dry naturally and not having to do much or perhaps anything to it afterwards. How exciting. Or not. Would you like to see how my hair dried? Of course you would!

I give you, before on the left, after on the right.

Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit
Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit

It’s a little smoother on the crown and a little less frizzy I think, but it’s hardly earth shattering. It’s not made any difference to my daily routine. I can also confirm that the after pictures up there were taken 48 hours after treatment, a week later, my hair is totally back to normal. Except my colour is washed out and it feels dryer.

It’s extremely rare that I give anything such an all out bad review and I feel terrible for doing it, but this product just didn’t perform. If you think the after pictures up there are a good improvement (I don’t think its good enough), well fair enough, but those results should last longer than 10 days no? I wanted this product to be the answer to my prayers, I had such high hopes for it. Instead it left me stinky, with orange streaks, very little visible improvement, what improvement there was was very temporary, and my hair feels dryer for it.

The retail price of this is £19.99 and if you are still interested after this review you can buy it for a reduced price of £13.33 over at www.boots.com at the moment. Personally, I’d have to say, don’t bother.

*Disclosure – PR Sample (bet they wish they hadn’t bothered eh?)*

17 responses to “Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening Kit”

  1. how disappointing for you! whilst it may just work better on some people than others (who knows?) its AWFUL that it stripped your colour?? espesh with coloured hair actual treatment, imagine if you had just paid £££ to have it bleached, i dread what it could turn out like! eeek! xxx

  2. Oh dear…I’ve been interested in hearing how this works as I have been wanting to get the Brazilian blow dry done for a while and thought this might be a cheaper option to try at home!

    thanks for the review 🙂


  3. Georgia: On My Mind says:

    What a dissapointment! At least I know to give this one a miss, just a shame you had to endure the horrid side effects xx

  4. Oh dear. All that effort and horrible smell, too. Love the newly stargazed red streaks though.. they look excellent!

  5. Sarah says:

    How annoying! Nice to see a great thorough review as I am sure a lot of people – me included – would have thought your hair would be pin straight afterwards!

  6. My hair looks like it is a similar texture to use when left to dry. Probably worse actually, mine is a frizzy, thick ball of mess!
    Based on those results I won’t be buying this. How disappointing.

  7. I meant yours not use lol x

  8. Charlie says:

    I’ve seen better reviews than mine so hopefully you’ll get on better with it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh no…. i am half way through the procedure reading this!!! the smell is perming lotion (smells so much like it if not). I am disappointed already without finishing the rest 🙁

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the honest review – I have similar texture of hair to you and was thinking of buying some but looks like I should invest in some ghd’s instead!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well I was thinking of buying this but after these reviews, I will give this a miss,

  12. Meyriann Carreiro says:

    Charlie, I have done everything you can possible imagine! I have done cold straightening, hot straightening ( Japanese method), brazillian blow dry at Ginger group, and finally Brazilian blow dry with a brazillian hairdresser! The only two that gave me the straight effect that I want was the Japanese method an the real Brazilian blow dry at a Brazilian salon. The Japanese one is expensive 400£ and lasted for 6 months, but you can actually do it by yourself … Just buy from US the product Matrix and follow the method … Or you can buy the brazillian one from US again. But remember, all of these contain formaldehyde between 0.2% to 2%. My is very straight! But I want to rest and get my curls back 😉 xxx

  13. Anonymous says:

    Was thinking of buying going by reviews will def give it a miss thanks

  14. Anonymous says:

    i used this 4 weeks ago and the smell has lingered since i did it,its disgusting and if it gets wet even a little bit in the rain it is so bad it makes me feel nauseous

  15. Anonymous says:

    It’s smells dreadful and doesn’t work, AVOID ladies !

  16. Anonymous says:

    About the smell, honestly I like it. For some, its disgusting, though. And yes, the product DOESNT WORK! I used it on mine, took out the highlighted permanent colour, left me with some white highlights, and yes, nothing else major damage done. But didnt work on the positive side at all.

  17. natalie mccullough says:

    I literally bouGht this product yesterday as was considering putting it in before I go on holiday. But if this is the case I will throw it in the bin. It only cost £3.99 from home bargains so not a big loss but its taken me years of wearing my hair up, only straightening on occassion and using shine sprays for me to get my hair in such healthy condition that I think I will avoid the risk of messing up my hair. Thank u for ur review. I think I will also buy a new pair of ghds lol

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