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Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, this winter China Glaze will be bringing us a collection of six 3-D glitters.

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection

In the bottles these are absolutely glorious and on my nails I have had mixed results so lets have a closer look.

First up Love Marilyn, Red with Silver particles.

China Glaze Love Marilyn

This could easily been worn either as a layering polish or alone, above was two coats, but I’d do three for full coverage or just one for layering over a cream red. Very pretty and very twinkly. Also very Christmassy!

Next, Blond Bombshell.  Gold. Lots of different sized gold.

China Glaze Blond Bombshell

As above, this would be suitable either for layering, or alone and I really love this one. In fact I love it more than Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow, which I liked but I didn’t love the gold dust. I do love this.

Lorelei’s Tiara. Silver sparkles with blue sprinkles.

China Glaze lorelei's tiara

This one is a heavier coverage than the previous two and even one coat gave a liberal sprinkling of glitter so I think it’s less suited to layering, but its gorgeous and actually really quite striking on.

Material Girl, pink glitter with larger pinky/orange glitter.

China Glaze Material Girl

This is an odd one. Described as posh pink with bubblegum glitter. There’s also a sprinkling of silver in there. It’s a dull shade of pink and the “bubblegum” glitter also flashes orange. That’s not a complaint, I love the orange flash. The overall effect is a bit dull and this one really benefits from a coat of top coat (not shown), It’s also a bit gritty, but overall I liked how this one looked.

Some like it Haute. Grey with chunky holographic glitter.

China Glaze Some Like it Haute

In the bottle this was my favourite. On my nail not so much. The holographic glitter is pretty but the grey is very flat and matte, and not at all shiny, and top coat didn’t help it much. It was also quite gritty. Still, I might give it one more chance with  more top coat as it has potential, and as I say, absolutely my favourite in the bottle.

Marry A Millionaire, Amethyst with green fibres.

China Glaze Marry A Millionaire

Oh god. This is my favourite! I’m sorry my picture is so crappy. It’s the nail varnish version of the beautiful YSL palette I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Purple glitter with green/turquoise flashes. This is definitely not a full cover polish, the above picture was two coats, I suppose four might do it, I don’t have the patience for that. But I tell you what, it’s stunning over a purple cream finish polish. I tried it over Nails Inc Little Miss Naughty. And I forgot to take photos 🙁 You’ll just have to trust me, it was gorgeous. I’d have liked it to be a little more dense to have given me the option to wear it alone but still, I don’t care, it’s gorgeous.

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection

As far as I’m aware this collection and the Let It Snow Holiday collection also out for Christmas aren’t out in the UK yet but as soon as I hear I’ll let you know.

Any take your fancy?
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0 responses to “China Glaze Eye Candy Collection”

  1. Im not a fan of all this chunky glitter that seems ot be infesting all of the polishes at the moment. Small and even please!

    Let It Snow is out by the way, I bought it in Sally’s last weekend.

  2. Victoria says:

    Love Marilyn looks gorgeous and would be perfect for Christmas. How did you find removal? I spent forever trying to remove Revlon’s Facets of Fuschia last night – even with the foil method it was horrendous to take off!

  3. thalie @ Glazed Talons says:

    I found your swatches thru google since no US bloggers have swatches yet. I love all of them except the gold one.I don’t see why China Glaze calls these 3D, yes they are beautiful “eye candy”,but I think the 3D label has become way overused of late.

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