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Hi everyone,

It’s a lovely day today!

Anyway first off I need to ask you all a question. Firstly I’m 35 with rather a lot of fine lines and a couple of deep grooves around my mouth. Would you call that “first signs of aging” or “mature skin” in terms of skin care?

Secondly, what skin care range would you recommend for this kind of skin? I really need to look after my skin better.

Ok so this morning I used the first of my new polishes. Since my nails are still so short and for some unknown reason my cuticles have taken a turn for the worse despite my regime, I picked the most subtle of the colours in my opinion and the one most suited to short nails, China Glaze Recycle.

I’ll start with the good, I really love the colour.

Now the bad, I find China Glaze impossible to apply. I’ve been wearing nail varnish for 18 years and never had these problems before. First thin coat (on top of one coat of Nail Envy), patchy, pulls at itself as I brush it on… no worries though, that didn’t matter though since I was going for a second coat so I did a second coat, took a lot of effort to get a clear even finish, definitely not easy but it looked nice enough and I was pleased. Please excuse the state of my fingers here:

China Glaze Recycle

And then I went to look outside, horror! It’s patchy and not good at all.
China Glaze Recycle

In daylight ALL the nails look like this. Clearly I’m doing something radically wrong in the application but god know what, I’ve not had these problems with any other brand 🙁 Bit of a shame I bought so many.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Another coat of polish should sort that out. It’s pretty average to put 3 coats of polish on, and with seche vite onto you should have no problems with it taking ages to try.

    I’m not help with your skincare problems though 🙁

  2. Lady Gray says:

    Thanks Kelly, I’ll go for three coats next time, wet on wet or wait for each to dry? I did actually use Seche Vite on top but twenty minutes later I had to go out and it messed all my right hand nails up. I think I just ned to practice and do it when I have more time!

  3. Kelly says:

    No problem 🙂 I’d wait for each layer to dry, That’s probably the reason that your getting bald patches if your not waiting long enough. I no it’s hard to wait between each coat (I’m very impatient) but it’s pays of when you have a gorgeous manicure 🙂

  4. Jo says:

    Whats your current skincare routine at the moment hunny? What products do you use etc?


  5. Lady Gray says:

    I’m using Lush Fresh Farmacy on hormonal spotty days and Lush Ultrabland on normal days with Lush Skin Nanny as a moisturiser which is fine now but will be too rich in the summer I think. Nothing at all for aging or fine lines. I get on ok with the cleansers.

  6. Jo says:

    You defo need to think about using some anti aging products now hunny. I’m 28 and have been using them since my early 20’s.

    There are different products to tackle different issues. First off you need to be preventing any more lines and grooves from appearing, which is where most anti aging creams come in handy, next if you’re bothered about the ones you already have.. you need to aim at a product for more mature skin too. They wont make your lines and grooves disappear but they will help make them less noticeable. You also need to be using an eye cream hunny. The area around the eyes is so delicate and is always the first area to age, so you need to be looking after the delicate area around your eyes. You also should think about using a serum before you moisturise. Moisturisers only affect the top layer of skin because it has larger molecules, while serums can be absorbed by the deepest layers of skin and really help to care for an nourish your skin.

    Brand wise, if you don’t want to start paying a lot, then brands such as Olay and L’oreal have a wide range of products to choose from. I’m a big fan of Boots no.7 products too, especially their Serum. I did a review on it on my blog. Its a fantastic product, google it and read about how it was tested etc hun.

    Hope Ive helped in some way..

    Jo.. xxxx

  7. Lady Gray says:

    Ah bless you thank you for taking the time to do that reply! That is really helpful. I don’t mind the cost within reason, my previous brand was decleor… I will go and nose at boots and see what cheaper brands offer though. What do you use?
    Thanks again! xx

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