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I thought I’d show you my two all time favourite nail polishes today! China Glaze Techo, I’ve owned this one for years, it never gets gloopy, it just lasts really well. It’s a holographic silver glitter in two sizes, I suppose with lots of coats you could get full coverage, but for me I’ve only ever used it as a glitter top coat (before my normal top coat). OPI’s My Pointe Exactly is my all time favourite polish, I’m actually on my third bottle. Granted, the first was a mini, and I lost another, but still with every single other polish I’ve ever owned, they are nearly all still full. This is from my favourite collection, the NYC Ballet collection in 2012, a collection of pale, sheer colours that make nails look clean and groomed.  The special thing about the collection is that none of them are streaky, which is almost unheard of with pale milky shades, the formulation of these is excellent. My Pointe Exactly is a sheer milky grey, unusual and perfect.

My Pointe Exactly Techno

Combined, the two make for a understated buy pretty manicure, I’m still not feeling ready for Summer brights and I’m living in powder blue clothes at the moment, so this combination just felt right 🙂

China Glaze Techno OPI My Pointe Exactly


Super easy to do, I just did two coats of of My Pointe Exactly (This is a sheer polish by design so it never really gets opaque, but you can build the layers as required) and then I just dabbed Techno on the tips of most fingers, except the ring finger on both hands where I dabbed it on the base.

A quick top coat and done! Clean, pretty fresh nails!

4 responses to “China Glaze Techo and OPI My Pointe Exactly”

  1. Amy Hunt says:

    Gorgeous with long nails, i wish i hadnt broken mine in the garden haha. Brilliant post.

    • justcharlieg says:

      Its taken me so long to grown mine back after battering them by not removing professional products properly! Thank you for your comment! x

  2. Ting says:

    What a beautiful combination – I love how you’ve used the glitter sparingly. x

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