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Christmas with Origins & Ojon

Today I’m looking at the Christmas gift offerings from Origins and Ojon. Starting with Origins.

There’s a great selection of gifts catering for most people’s tastes, and a variety of prices, ranging from skin care to bath and body products. There are two Harrods Exclusive candles which both look gorgeous, in De-Stress and Relaxing at £22 each but top of my wish list is any of the Ginger Gifts. Origins Ginger is a new discovery for me and is my new favourite thing!

The ginger scent is just beautiful, it’s Ginger, Lemon, Lime and Bergamot and it’s both warming and uplifting, absolutely gorgeous. I have the Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash and the beautiful Incredible Spreadable Ginger Scrub. Both of which are divine and I’m keen to add to my Ginger stash. and so I’ve got my eyes on the Ginger Treats Set (£29).

This lovely set includes the Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream, the Incredible Spreadable Scrub and the Ginger Float Cream Bubble Bath.

I’m also going to put the Ginger Ways kit (£35) on my list as that contains the Body Wash, Souffle body cream and the skin scent. Lovely!

All available from www.origins.co.uk

Then there’s the seasonal offerings from Ojon. I’ve fallen in love with the Colour Sustain range and so teh Color Sustain Christmas Set is top of my hair wishlist at £15.

Containing 60mls of the shampoo and 60mls of the condition along with 50ml of the Restorative Hair Treatment this is a must have for me.

Christmas with Origins & Ojon

Beautiful products that help to protect my colour and leave my hair soft and shiny. Also I’m wondering who I can buy some of the Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum for as I love this too. I have about 5 different hair oils/serums on the go at the moment but this is probably my favourite..

Also loving the look of the Winter Rescue Hair Kit, containing a bottle of the Hair Serum (50ml) along with a 60ml bottle of Reverse Restorative Shampoo and Damage Reverse Restorative conditioner, £22.

Available from www.ojon.co.uk.

So those are my top picks from Origins and Ojon this Christmas, beautiful products I’d be delighted to receive!

*Disclosure – I didn’t receive any gifts  but the full size products pictured above were samples*

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  1. Clare @ cclarebear.com says:

    I love Origins… If my stocking was stuffed full of Origins products I wouldn’t be complaining at alllllll.

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