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The problem with glass slippers, I’d imagine, is that they are see through… I mean if all of a sudden a fairy godmother rocked up and magicked me into a beautiful ball gown and a pair of glass slippers, I’d be worried. My feet have been stuck in boots all winter, if Prince Charming saw the current state of my feet, he’d run a mile away from me,  not fall in love!

I’d have to tell that Fairy Godmother to come back the next day once I’d had chance to lavish a little tlc on my tootsies.

These products would make it no big hassle though.

P1160927Palmers Foot Magic (RRP £3.99)* is a one stop product ideal for tackling dry and hard skin on the feet. Containing Vitamin E, Mango Butter, Peppermint Oil and Cocoa Butter, this product is gorgeous.

Rather than being a cream, this is like a rich balm. The texture is beautiful, but it is greasy.

P1160930It melts on contact with the skin and smells lovely. A perfect product to use overnight, and I’d recommend popping cotton socks on top, a) to protect your bed, and b) to keep the product in place and on your skin and working all night long. If you have a huge amount of dry, calloused skin on your feet I would recommend trying to remove some of it first, with a pumice stone, or scrub, whatever your chosen method, you’ll find if you can remove most of the hard skin, this will penetrate much better and leave you with soft skin. A gorgeous product and very effective.

No decent Cinderella would dream of stepping out in glass slippers without perfectly polished toes and Morgan Taylor’s new Cinderella collection really fits the bill.

Sparing you my toes, I give you:

Best Ball Gown Ever*

P1160941Morgan Taylor have absolutely nailed this Cinderella colour. I mean look, the following image is taken from the Cinderella book I had as a child.

dsc_3349A beautiful periwinkle blue with flashes of silver and gold. Its something of a miracle that with this frosty finish there’s no streaking at all! The colour is beautiful.

And then there’s Party at the Palace*

P1160969Party at the Palace is a soft turquoise shade with gold shimmer and its beautiful!

I’ve never tried Morgan Taylor polish before and I can tell you hand on heart I’m smitten. I’ve been having problems with polish staying on my nails for years… this lasts so well with no chipping for days. It also seems to dry incredibly quickly! With these particular shades, I needed t do three coats and I’ve not used a top coat, they have a lovely shine. They are available from http://www.sallyexpress.com/ and sell at £10.99 each. Beautiful quality though, truly, as you would expect from a professional brand.

So those are a couple of products I’d recommend for getting your feet spring ready, or y’know, if you’re invited to a ball at the castle!

*products received free of charge for review purposes

5 responses to “Cinderella Feet – Getting Feet Spring Ready”

  1. Tanya says:

    Loving the Cinderella nail lacquers on you!

  2. V says:

    Can’t wait to get ready for spring

  3. Alice Megan says:

    Ohhh I’ll have to keep my eyes out for the palmers foot stuff my feet definitely need it

    • justcharlieg says:

      yes its really good stuff. I have an elbow that refuses to not be dry and I’m using it on my elbow too, seems to be working well!

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