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Well, I’ve really been feeling some eye shadow love recently and today I’m showing you an eye shadow I think everyone ought to own. It’s that fabulous.

Meet ck one Powder eye shadow in Infinite.

ck one Powder Eyeshadow in Infinite

I know it doesn’t look that exciting and I don’t suppose it is exciting really but just because something isn’t exciting doesn’t mean it isn’t fabulous.

ck one Powder Eyeshadow in Infinite

I don’t really know much about the new Calvin Klein cosmetics line up really. I know that previous launches have ended up my local TK Maxx but I had high hopes for these having seen the swatches over at British Beauty Blogger. A word of advice for anyone as idiotic as me, the lid doesn’t flip open. Don’t spend ages wondering why the damn thing won’t open. Slide it round to the side instead. Doh.

ck one Powder Eyeshadow in Infinite

I picked the least exciting shade but the most useful. Infinite is the perfect colour. I use these kinds of colours absolutely every day, either as a base for other shades, or as a brow highlight, or alone if I want to look groomed but not overly made up.

The texture has just blown me away. It’s soft and velvety, but not soft like cheap brands feel, like Sleek, just soft and luxurious. It’s hard to show how fab it is in pictures simply because of the shade I’ve chosen, but take my word for it, this is a shade anyone could use.

ck one Powder Eyeshadow in Infinite

The shadows are £12 each and available from Debenhams.

*Disclosure – this shadow was a gift from a friend. Post does contain an affiliate link*

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