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I saw this collection over at British Beauty Blogger recently and much like the Spring Collection, I find myself wanting it pretty much all.

I’ve received the press release myself now so I just wanted to share some of the items with you.

The collection is inspired by the heart of India and the festival of colour. Think bronzed complexions, intense eye make up and lips highlighted with shimering shades.

First up is the Colour Quartet and Liner Palette £30.

Want!!! Beige, Bronze, Gold, Violet with a golden brown liner all in a beautiful compact.

Then there’s the Kohl Kajal Long-Lasting Eyeliner £15.

This comes not only in the black version but also in violet which you can see on British Beauty Blogger. It’s the violet one I want to go with the Colour Quartet!

There are four limited edition Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms, gloss, lipstick and balm all in one. £16.50


Shown above are Coral and Rose. There’s are also violet and pink versions, Violet has my name all over it, as does rose!

Then there are three new Bronzing Duo’s. £26

Given my new found love for Clarins powders, this is on the list. I’m interested to know why two shades in one pan! There are two darker versions too, but it’ll be the lightest one for me.

Then finally, Colour Quench Lip Balms £15. I do have an image for this product but alas Blogger won’t let me upload it for some reason. Available in two shades, Pink Jaipur and Nude Delhi. Described as luscious balms offering subtle colour and shine, both shades appeal.

The collection isn’t available until May. Booo. I can’t wait!

10 responses to “Clarins Enchanted Summer Collection 2012 Launch”

  1. Yu says:

    They come out with the best limited edition collections! I really fancy that duo 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      I have to agree, but they are a really new discovery for me so I can’t judge amazingly but I know I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far and SUmmer looks like its going to be the same!

  2. Courtney says:

    These look gorgeous! So classy

  3. darling d says:

    Can’t wait to check out the powder, and lip balms. I love that Clarin’s has upped their makeup game.

  4. B-u-x says:

    I really shouldn’t keep reading this blog Charlie, it’s encouraging me to spend far too much money 🙂

    Seriously, I bought the Colour Breeze powder and love it, I then went back out and bought the Joli Rouge in pink coral…again, love it.

    I can see I’ll be back to the clarins counter hounding the staff over the arrival of the summer collection now (it always hits the stores later here than it does in the Uk 🙁


    • Charlie says:

      Sorry sorry! Think of the positives, at least you get to see swatches before you buy? Hope this collection is worth the wait! x

  5. LionLovingTiger says:

    I love the Clarins Colour Quench lip balms so I can’t wait to see these new colours!x

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