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It’s possible you’ve heard of, or even tried, Clarins Everlasting Foundation but it’s had an overhaul and is set for relaunch on the 15th February.

P1160386Available in 10 shades Everlasting Foundation +*  offers 18 hour wear times, matte coverage as well as an SPF 15.

The first thing worthy of mention is the pump bottle.

P1160387I’m a big fan of Clarin’s Extra Comfort Foundation and that comes in a glass jar which I actually don’t mind, but a pump makes for better hygiene, it also seems to pump out in nearly the right amount, I used two pumps. Sometimes with pump bottles I struggle with getting the right amount and often end up with wastage where I’ve pumped out too much. Not so in this case.

In terms of shades, I opted for shade 103 Ivory, which is the shade I use in Extra Comfort. I found this marginally paler, but it’s not too pale, it actually blends perfectly into my skin, colour wise.


P1160390The finish was a little tricky on my very parched skin, my skin has some dry and flaky patches which are nearly gone and I did think the finish of this was clogged up a bit in the patches, but it turns out, and it’s not the first foundation that I’ve tried that does this, that when I look in the mirror a short while after applying, it’s settled down and evened out, covering the patches really well without looking patchy.  The longer it’s on the skin, the more it settles.

The foundation  contains bamboo powder which has matifying properties as well giving the foundation its great hold on the skin. Organic quinoa seed extract reinforces the skin’s barrier meaning that while this is a matte finish, you never look dry.

In short, I’m very pleased with this. I’ve always said that Clarins make the best foundations out there and this still holds true. I love how it looks on my skin. I found that although my skin felt comfortable all day, I didn’t quite get 18 hours out of it, getting more like 14-16, but I’m a horrific face-toucher, it’s a miracle anything stays put for 6 hours, never mind 12.

Please excuse the warm glow of the below photograph, it was so sunny when I took it, but it will give you a good idea of how the finish looks on my dry skin.


I can’t decide which foundation I prefer between the two, Extra Comfort and Everlasting+, but since I’m just about to run out of Extra Comfort, I will happily switch over to this.

Clarins Everlasting+ SPF 15 Foundation launches on the 15th February and will retail at £27.50 for a 30ml glass bottle with pump.

*Product provided free of charge for review purposes.




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