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I’m a HUGE fan of the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil. For me this is almost perfection when it comes to my skincare. I say almost because I must confess that when the time of month comes round that I get those nasty hormonal spots, I tend to lay off this stuff. Or at least I’ll not apply it to my chin area where I get most of the spots… so I thought that the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil for Combination/Oily Skin might be more suitable for that week of the month.
Clarins Lotus Oil Review

This is undoubtedly a beautiful oil like my beloved Blue Orchid Oil. It smells beautiful, it applies and absorbs like a dream, not leaving you looking like an oil slick. This variant is as with all the beautiful oils, 100% pure plant extracts and in this case a naturally astringent blend. There’s rosewood, geranium, and lotus to purify, tighten pores and refine and hazelnut oil to soften, soothe and seal in moisture.

I find using these oils the perfect end to the day, the whole process of using them is amazing and the scent is great for sending you off to the land of nod.

This oil hasn’t worked out as well for me as much as I had hoped for sadly. Not because it doesn’t work but because when I use it I only want to use it on my congested areas and keep using the Blue Orchid on the rest of my face…which worked well for a while…but I’m a lazy beauty blogger, applying two oils to my face became more effort than I was prepared to make. I realise how ridiculous that sounds. If you want great skin then you need to put the effort in… alas I’m just not cut out for that kind of faffing around!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this oil to anyone with oily or combination skin… alas I love Blue Orchid too much to give that up! £29 for 30ml.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Mari says:

    I was at the Clarins counter the other day and bought a renewal serum that came with a deluxe size day and night moisturizer. The consultant was raving about all the different Clarins face and body oils and I must say I was intrigued. I also got samples of the Ever Matte foundation. I have to say so far this line has been impressive… I hope to be a convert soon as I’m slowly weening off EL skincare.

  2. Swati Murti says:

    I really wanna check out their oils…heard a lot about them 🙂

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