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I’ve been meaning to review this review for so long but as I’ve now nearly finished the bottle I guess it’s a good time!


Clarins Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate is designed primarily for sensitive skins and as a treatment. As such it’s not intended to be used every day for the rest of your life but more for when you’re having some issues. To use it you can apply as an emergency treatment if a problem occurs, or as a time specific intensive treatment every 1-2 days… simply apply a few drops to a cleansed face and finish with your moisturiser.

For me this has been used for two very specific purposes. Firstly, my nose, which doesn’t look or feel dry, until you put foundation on and then you can spot some flaky bits, so I use this on my nose but also it’s been an invaluable tool for spots that are on their way out. When they are nothing more than red marks and flakiness. It works really well to soothe redness and indeed soreness. The reason it’s so perfect for sensitive skins is that it calms irritations and inflammations with it’s beautiful ingredients…Lavender, Marjoram and Mint soothe, Soya and Avocado replenish, Olive Extract softens, Vitamin A derivative repairs and Xlmenia Extract Moisturises.

Personally I didn’t find this of any assistant on spots and blemishes  themselves, but the ones that were on their way out really benefited from a drop of this to help ease the flakiness and soothe the redness.

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to extreme dryness or have spots that need a helping hand on their way out, this is definitely worth a try!

It retails at £40 for 15ml, but it has literally lasted me months and months.

Available from Clarins online or counters nationwide.

*Disclosure – I received this product free of charge for review purposes*

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