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Clarins Spring 2013 Gloss Swatches

Surprisingly, Clarins Spring Make Up Collection launches in January and they’ve got very adventurous with their lipgloss and lipstick flavourings. Instead of the usual vanilla or mint, Clarins have opted for a blackcurrant and liquorice flavour and scent for their lip products.

The two that I’m swatching are the Gloss Prodige Lipglosses in Waterlily (neutral peach) and Vibrant Rose (sparkling pink) and you can definitely taste a sweetness on application. However, if you hate liquorice (not sure anyone hates blackberry!) you’ll be pleased to know that it’s far away from Liquorice Allsorts and Bootlaces although it is very faintly there. However, the taste disappears very quickly – you get a fleeting hit of sweetness and then it’s all over.

Clarins Spring 2013 Gloss Swatches
(goosebumps! sorry…)

They’re both gorgeous shades – Waterlily is delicate enough to add over any colour lipstick to give it a shimmer boost, while Vibrant Rose is exactly as its name suggests – rosy and bright.

Clarins Spring 2013 Gloss Swatches

Every season, Clarins give us a beautiful Face & Blush Powder Palette. These are designed to be perfecting, with optical illuminators, and yet they are very matte and don’t rely on *shimmer* to give your skin a boost. I hate glitter-face so these work really well for anyone who doesn’t want to sparkle their way to the office. The Spring 2013 palette above uses an iris flower for decoration, and the addition of peach and pink stripes means it works also as a neutral blush if you focus your brush on those areas. The palette is £30.

*Regular readers of LadyoftheLane will know that Charlie is recovering from an operation so this post is brought to you by Jane at Britishbeautyblogger. 

2 responses to “Clarins Spring 2013 Gloss Swatches”

  1. Computergirl says:

    Those glosses are gorgeous. I like focusing on spring when its misty, cold and grey outside!

  2. Charlie says:

    Massive Clarins devotee here, can’t wait to get a closer look at this collection!

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