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There’s a new weapon in the war on spots. Meet Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel (£14 for 15ml)

Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel

Be warned, this is a very small bottle. But it’s potent and you need very little.

Okay so this is a topical gel that is gentle enough for all skin types but delivers several results those being:

Now you can use it two ways, either a very thin layer all over the face or as a spot treatment. With my skin issues I’ve not really had a big play with this as it’s intended as you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with any other acne treatments and I am on prescription cream at the moment.

I had a spot crop up on my chest though (nice huh, thankfully rare) so I gave this a quick go. I found that within 24 hours the redness and and size has greatly reduced, and by day three it was still slightly visible but completely flat, just a bit of redness left.

Pretty fast acting if you ask me.

Definitely a product worth having around if you’re prone to the odd spot, or even if you get more. Although I’ve not really put this through it’s paces, I absolutely love Clinique’s Anti Blemish foundation and think spots is an area they do well in!

Available from Clinique Counters nationwide or online at  www.clinique.co.uk/

*Disclosure – Product Received Free of Charge for Review Purposes*

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