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Further to This Post I finally got my hands on this baby.

Clinique Brandied Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

Its really lovely. I won’t lie, the colours aren’t quite as pigmented as I had hoped, but they’re more than adequate for my needs and I’m thrilled. I was especially pleased to discover that the pale pink on the end is a pink/gold duochrome type colour. Pretty much my all time favourite colour! Anyway here’s the swatches for you.

Clinique Brandied Bronze Eyeshadow Palette

The swatches are fairly light here and I’ll try to do a good FOTD with them at some point. Oh another thing, the individual eyeshadows are pretty small. Anyway, generally, it’s love and I’m so pleased to have it.

In store now. £22.50.

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  1. Leanne says:

    Oooh, looking forward to an FOTD! x

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