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Clinique Even Better Eyes

I have to say I’m loving all the Clinique Even Better products. I’m actually not using this product at the moment because I’ve had a sample of something else I’m currently trialling but I have had this one for quite some time and used it twice daily.

As a rule I don’t actually suffer with dark circles at all, but what I do have is these to dark marks on the outer corners of my eyes… they look like my lower lash eyeliner has smeared outwards, or indeed bruised…either way, I struggle with them a bit as they look a lot like I am pretty bad at applying make up (which I am of course, but not in that way!).

Even Better Eyes is a dark circle corrector. Lots of things can lead to dark circles, age, dehydration, poor circulation and numerous other things and as the skin is so thin there, it can make these circles look even darker.

So then, Even Better Eyes deals with the dark circles by lightening the area of over time with Vitamin C and Mulberry Root. It also protects against irritation and environmental assaults with caffeine and green tea. Then finally it improves structural support.

If that isn’t enough for you then there’s some instant brightening effects with “optic technology”. Oh and lastly, the applicator is designed to fit under the eye and deliver a massage as you apply your product which in turn helps improve microcirculation and break up congestion.

It’s a great product, as I would expect. My dark marks didn’t disappear altogether, but they certainly diminished quite a lot while using this product. I was impressed. It also is worth mentioning the texture, it’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly, oh and it’s oil free too.

I personally probably wouldn’t keep using this, as I feel dark circles isn’t really one of my many concerns, but I know it is an incredibly common concern, if it’s one of yours, I’d highly recommend this product. Available now and priced at £28, this stuff really works.

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. Ladymoonlight says:

    I’ve tried their even better face cream and I have every reason to believe that it caused a severe breakout on my skin.

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