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It’s a constant battle with me. Spots. I’m never without at least one big one going on and things come to a head (ha ha) usually the week before I’m due on. And it really varies how many I might get, but they do tend to stick around for a while, at least a week, maybe two.

Seriously it’s an ongoing battle. Am currently in the process of tackling my skincare ritual (anti spot regimes just don’t suit me because I don’t have teenage or oily skin) and I have been relying on Origins Super Spot Remover on actual blemishes which I previously loved, but as time goes on it seems to be less and less effective for me where once it did seem to be super powered…

Step forward Clinique.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel

In particular I’m talking about the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel (£13.50) and the Anti-Blemish Solutions Post Blemish Formula (£12).

The Spot Treatment gel really is incredibly super powered, so far, the best spot product I’ve ever tried. Now I’m not actually supposed to use spot products that work by drying out the spot (as I have dehydrated skin), but honestly, I’d rather put up with a tiny patch of flaky dry skin that a spot. And this zaps spots super fast. Now like most spot treatments (over the counter ones at least), it doesn’t get rid of big cystic type spots, I don’t believe anything but medication really can, but I swear to god this seems to reduce them slightly faster. You know how long those buggers stick around for, they do seem to last less time with a dab of this stuff morning and night. It is a gel and it dries very quickly and I’ve had no issues with putting make up on over the top, the make up just looks as good as it does without the gel.

It’s a great price and you only need such a minute amount it will last a very very long time. So for me, it’s bye bye Origins and hello Clinique.

So you know when a spot heals and it can leave a little mark or a little patch of discolouration? Well then the next step is The Post Blemish Formula. It’s a little twist up pen type product with a thin cream. You apply it to the marks and they reduce, quite significantly. I’ve found that it works very well on new blemishes, fading them very quickly, it does also work with old marks, but they take much longer to fade the scars. There is one gripe with this product. Whilst it’s reasonably priced at £12, there’s only 1.8g of product there, if you suffer with a lot of spots, this isn’t going to last you long at all. If you just have the odd one now and then, it’ll last you a long time if you’re careful. I’m neither extreme, and I’m using only the tiniest amount having been prewarned (by reviews on the Clinique website) and so far so good.

Both of these will be staples for me I think. Brilliant products, reasonably priced.

Both available from your local Clinique Counter, or www.clinique.co.uk. Both highly recommended.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

13 responses to “Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Spot Treatment Gel Review”

  1. MrsNicolaT says:

    Im really interested in getting these, Ive been using the origins spot gel too, but Im always on the hunt for something better! Thank you for the review 🙂

  2. Caroline's Crafty Adventures says:

    I use the Clinique spot gel and love it, I was going to try the Origins but I think I’ll stick with the Clinique now

    • Charlie says:

      Well out of the two I definitely prefer this one, but of course everyone is different so don’t let me put you off! x

  3. Nina says:

    Have you tried the “Paula’s Choice” line from the U.S. (I am not affiliated in any way)? She seems to specialize in adults with acne problems and doesn’t believe in anything drying. I think he line is available to the U.K. I have heard good things about it.

  4. Lauren Loves says:

    I get spots a lot and I love Freederm for putting straight on the spots. I used to use the Clinique spot gel but Freederm is much better and much cheaper I think! I’ve also started using Dermalogica for my skin and it’s done it wonders! xxx

    • Charlie says:

      Okay, thank you! I’ll check it out. I actually used to use Dermalogica but I didn’t get on too well with it. I am going back to using the most basic products I can x

  5. Pammydoll says:

    Brill review! I have used the spot gel for years. I find it even works on my rosacea spots (tiny blister like pustules) and if I put it on at night they are gone in the morning. This may not work for everyone with rosacea but it works a treat for me.

  6. Beauty Daze says:

    I am definitely intetested in this! My skin is horribly annoying. I have a normal forehead with dry cheeks, a slightly oily nose and a normal chin, but i get spots on my chin, cheeks, around my nose and big, horrible blackheads on the side of my face. Add acne scars, and uneven skin tone and my dream of clear, even skin seems impossible. I think I’m going to have to go and check this out tomorrow. Thank you gorgeous!

    Steph xx

  7. Mari says:

    The Clinique Spot Treatment gel is my go-to product. Love it. Will have to check out the Post Blemish Formula though which I never knew they had!

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