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Color Wow Coconut CocktailColor Wow Coconut Cocktail is the second Bionic Tonic I’ve tried out (you can see my Kale Cocktail review here) and I’m absolutely loving them. In the most basic terms, these are leave in conditioners or treatments.

A recap on my hair, lots of bleach but holding up quite well despite that, fluffy and prone to frizzies even before bleach, but more so now with a touch of dryness. That said, I’ve been using the Kale Cocktail for quite some time now so perhaps that’s why my hair is holding up so well!

Okay so while the Kale Cocktail is for strengthening weak hair that is prone to breakage, the Coconut Cocktail bonds a lubricating layer to the hair’s surface to restore silkiness which is just what my hair needs.

To use, you just apply a coin sized amount to damp hair. The size of the coin depends on the amount of hair you’ve got, and I have found its a bit of trial and error to get it right.  Apply it to the lower sections and ends of your hair, comb through and if at all possible dry your hair with a hair dryer, it will accelerate and enhance the effects of the product.

The other great thing is that you can combine the Cocktails, so for the first couple of washes after I’ve had my hair coloured/lightened, I use both Kale and Coconut, before switching to using just Coconut alone.

My hair is always going to be a bit fluffy, that’s my hair type, but wow, Coconut leaves my hair feeling and looking much nicer, and smoother. Oh and it smells glorious.

Color Wow Coconut Cocktail That picture is actually a few weeks old now, my hair is a little blonder, a good couple of inches shorter and looking better than ever. £22 will get you 200ml and it lasts and lasts, becuase you need to use so little.

I’ve said it before but I definitely recommend these Cocktails, and actually everything I’ve tried from Color Wow, so do check the website out!


*Product received free of charge for review purposes

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