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Well here’s a range  for coloured hair that boasts quite the pedigree. Colur Wow was developed by Gail Federici and John Frieda and formulated by Dr Joe Cincotta, the scientist behind many of the Federici and Frieda products.

The range is designed to help keep your hair looking exactly as it did the day it was coloured and it’s a small but perfectly formed range.

I’ve actually had the range here waiting to be tried for quite some time but my hair was already quite faded so I was hanging on until I had it coloured again to give the products I have a road test.

So to start with, the Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner.

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner

I received the 75ml bottles for review purposes which will set you back a hefty £9 each, which for what are essentially travel bottles I think is really extortionate. I have also found that they haven’t lasted long enough for me to really put the claims to the test (particularly the conditioner as I need so much on my thick tangly hair). So here’s my thoughts, firstly, these are sulfate free, and normally for me this is disastrous, but on this occasion I managed to get a rich lather which spread through my hair with ease. It has a variety of scientific sounding ingredients and technologies to help protect your colour, none of which I understand, but what I can tell you is that after colouring, in the few washes afterwards I usually lose some colour, before it settles down and stops… I’ve not noticed any colour fading or loss at all with these products. Granted, I’ve probably only got about two weeks worth of use from these bottles (or rather, just the conditioner, I’ve still got plenty of shampoo left), but I’m impressed. The products I’ve been using are for normal to thick hair but both products are available for fine to normal hair as well. My hair is soft and shiny and really quite lovely.  Oh and the conditioner rinses out with ease too. I still think that these are very expensive, (£9 for 75ml and £16.50 for 250ml per bottle), but if colour loss is something you struggle with, it’s well worth checking the range out.

The other item I’ve been trying out is the Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac (£14)

Color Wow pop & lock crystallite Shellac

color wow pop & lock crystallite shellac
This gorgeous iridescent serum is designed to coat the hair with a protective layer to make colour pop. It seals cuticles to lock the colour in and keep dryness at bay. I’ve been using this religiously and in conjunction with the shampoo and condition and as I say, so far I’m not spotting any fading at all, in addition this adds shine and as an important bonus it has a UV filter to help prevent colour fade. This is a fabulous product. I also find this to be reasonably priced since you need so little. The only complaint I do have is that I’d appreciate a guide to how much I should use.  You can apply to wet or dry hair but I have no idea how much, so I’ve tended to just use a very small amount as I would with any serum. I’ve not seen or felt it’s presence in my hair, so no greasyness or added weight. Very nice!

The range is available from www.colorwowhair.com and is certainly worth a look if you colour your hair. I’d be especially interested to know how it fares on those shades that traditionally fade fast, like reds!

Other products in the range include Root Cover Up powders which I’d be very tempted to try if they weren’t £28.50 each, but they do sound ideal, especially as my grey roots come through so fast, there’s also a styling cream and mousses for banishing brassiness.

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  1. joan helmn says:

    I tried this and absolutely love it! It does what it says it does and held the colour really well. I used it exclusively for 6 weeks and really saw a difference. Will try some of their other products. Thanks for the introduction!

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