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At last, an idea so simple you wonder why it’s not been done before.

Concoction Professional Haircare

Okay so the deal is that you can have your own personal shampoo mixed, that will be geared exactly to your tastes/hair.

It’s simple, Pick your shampoo scent, the choices are Lemon Verbena, Bakhour (incense), Rosemary & Mint and Black Pepper Citrus). Each shampoo base is the same, enriched with essential oils, vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and each is free of parabens and silicone and also contains an ionic system which means detangling, anti-static and frizz free hair.

Then you, the customer choose two out of the eight Superserums, (Back to your Roots (caring for your roots and scalp), Beautiful Brunette, Curl Me Up, Gimme More Moisture, High Definition Blonde, Ravishing Red, Thermo-Straight and Turn Up the Volume). They are then added to the base, shaken like a cocktail and sold to you for Ā£14 each. It means you can tailor your hair care in many ways and it’s ingenious. Then there’s a Creme de Concoction Conditioner in Cashmere & White Lily (Ā£16)

So I was sent Rosemary and Mint Shampoo, along with the High Definition Blonde and Turn Up the Volume Superserums. I mixed mine myself naturally and it was simple to do.
Concoction Professional Haircare

I wouldn’t have chosen the Rosemary and Mint Shampoo myself as I’m not keen on the smell, and I wouldn’t have chosen the Volumising Serum either as my hair has volume in abundance but the High Definition Blonde superserum I definitely would have chosen for my blonde highlights. Still undaunted I gave it ago. Not a massive fan of the Rosemary & Mint scent as I already mentioned but there’s no doubting this is a fantastic shampoo. On my hair it sort of enhances the volume rather than sending my hair crazy with volume thank goodness, but then that’s partly to do with how I style it. Other than that it leaves my hair completely tangle free (which isn’t often the case with silicone shampoos!) and very very soft. It’s very impressive. Plus it lathers beautifully too which I always like in a shampoo.

Then there’s the Cashmere &White Lily Conditioner which is again very beautiful and does lovely lovely things to my hair. I’ve recently gone a bit blonder and I find the blonde stays looking bright and shiny with this range and you can’t ask for more than that.

You can go to the main Beauty Hall in Selfridges to have your products mixed for you and you’ll be asked to leave your name and email address so you can go online and order your own blend easily. But this is only until the 8th August I believe and thereafter you can purchase from either Concoction.co.uk or Selfridges.com.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

8 responses to “Concoction Professional Haircare Review”

  1. BeautyDetective says:

    I love the idea of this range and choosing the scent. I might pop into Selfridges this weekend to have a look and maybe treat myself! Thanks for the review! x

  2. Detox meuk says:

    This is a really clever idea and I would definitely have a great time picking scents to mix and match! Thank you for sharing!
    Also what scents would you have picked? Given the choice?

  3. Shubha Juyal says:

    Only if it were available where I live šŸ™
    always love your posts!!

  4. Ayshe Ismail says:

    Iā€™m not convinced about this, I like the uniqueness of the idea but as someone with curly hair I could only choose curl me up and moisture, which I can get with other shampoos anyway! x

    • Charlotte Gray says:

      I totally get your point but if you wanted to target hair that was blonde & curly or red but needed volume, it would be tough to find products that worked on both aspects! x

  5. joan helmn says:

    I thought this was a great idea, so I ordered some. Came really quickly and was fun to put together. I can’t say I have been thrilled with the product, as I have coloured hair it didn’t help hold the colour at all. It’s not bad, just not any better than any other product.

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