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When it comes for contouring, I don’t really go in for the full contouring look that’s so popular right now thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian. I see far too many girls with orange stripes all over their faces since that look has been made popular. That said, I do find that sometimes I want to add a little extra definition to my sagging face! Its not something I do daily, more when I am going somewhere special or find myself with extra time in the morning.

I’m not going to go into how I contour, I’ll save that for another post if anyone’s interested I just wanted to share my favourite product to contour with, and that’s Illamasqua’s Cream Pigment in Hollow. Please excuse the state of my well loved product!



I am not a fan of using bronzers to contour. The simple reason being, the shadows on our face aren’t bronze or orange. I once bought a cream contouring palette and the shades were ridiculous, some really orange shades, it’s no wonder I see girls walking around with stripey orange faces. Don’t even get me started on shimmery contours!

Illamasqua’s Cream Pigments come in a variety of shades and have multiple uses. They are highly pigmented, have a matte finish and crease resistant formula.

Hollow is described as a toffee shade, which is is, but there’s grey overtone to it that makes it an ideal contour shade, well for pale skins like me at least. While it is a warm shade,  it doesn’t look warm on my skin at all, especially not when blended, and my camera hasn’t done a great job of showing this.

P1160828 P1160829


Its a buildable product, but for contouring thats not what you want, you need it subtle and blended out and thats where this product excels. I apply using a traditional foundation brush and then blend out carefully with a flat top foundation brush, its a little stiff in the pan I find, but soft on the skin.

Although this can also be used as an eye product,  I don’t recommend it, despite its claims it’s not crease-proof, as a contour on pale skins though, its excellent and lasts a long time.

It’s £17.50 and mine came from illamasqua.com.



3 responses to “Contour Product – Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow”

  1. skyeskretcher says:

    It swatches slightly darker than it looks from your pics.
    Anyway, does it set powdery? It looks like it would be a great subtle contour for my dark tan skin.

    Oh, and I nominated you for Liebster Award, please go check on my post (will be up soon) about it if you are interested in participating, if you are not, it’s completely fine! 😀

    Skye Xx

    • justcharlieg says:

      Hi there, I don’t really know how to describe the finish, it’s just matte, but I wouldn’t describe it as powdery or creamy. Really tricky to describe! It just feels like maybe foundation or even skin? I should think that may be due to the amount used, if you had a lot on your face it would probably feel creamier. But definitely wouldn’t describe as powdery if that makes sense at all, good question! Will have a look at your blog, thank you!

      • skyeskretcher says:

        Hello Charlie and thank you very much for your response.
        Will definitely check in out sometimes, thank goodness their products are not soon expensive here in Thailand. 🙂

        Skye xx

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