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Er… typical England… where has the Summer gone?  I’ll not be put off by a lack of sunshine, the following products for anyone who wants their legs to look and feel lovely.

Cool Summer Legs from Kiko

They might be hot and tired because it’s a hot Summer’s day, or maybe you’ve just been on your feet all day and your legs are hot and tired…

Lets look at the incredible Light Legs Crackling Mousse (£12.90) first.

Kiko Crackling Mousse

Kiko Crackling Mousse
This is an example of a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. This mousse is light, it crackles, it has a gentle light fragrance and it’s ICY cold. The coldness and the effervescence really soothe tired hot legs, it’s a most peculiar, but refreshing sensation. I would strongly advise not using this if you’re feeling a bit chilly!  Such a great product!

The second product is the Firming Iridescent Cream (£12.90)

kiko firming iridescent cream

kiko firming iridescent cream
Another lovely product for Summer this lotion is again, very lightly scented and nourishes as you apply it leaving your skin instantly feeling more supple.  It also seems to turn into an oily texture as you massage it in, in a really good way, it’s just lovely.

The only possible disappointment is that although it’s called an Iridescent cream, it’s not really that iridescent. For me this is a good thing, I don’t really want iridescent legs, but it adds a sort of glow to the skin regardless, it’s just not one I’d describe as iridescent.

kiko firming iridescent cream

I love it. I don’t have smooth skin on my legs at all, and I always admire girls with glowing skin and now I create that with ease, this does just what I want it to do, creates the illusion of skin so soft and smooth it shines. Perfect.

Both products are available from www.kikocosmetics.co.uk and do be sure to head over as there’s an amazing sale on right now (I’ve just spotted it so I’m heading back there for a proper look!).

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