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Today I’m blogging about the newest launch from skincare brand Dermalogica. Meet the Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer.

Dermalogica Hydralogica PrimerThe classic, simple Demalogica packaging, doesn’t give really give a clue as to the treasure hidden inside.

Dermalogica Hydralogica Primer The primer is a lightweight, non-greasy product that has a blurring effect on fine lines and wrinkles, mattifies to protect against shine and gives a silky finish. When you apply it, its amazing, it provides the smoothest canvas for your make up you can imagine. It hides my pores and my make up glides on. It also lasted really well on my skin, meaning my foundation still looked great at the end of the day.

A particular bonus for me is that, as a sufferer of spots, I often have dry flaky patches on my skin and this hides them perfectly. Makes such a nice change to not have flaky patches of foundation on my face. You can of course opt to skip your foundation and this just smooths and very lightly perfects your skin.

There is a downside in my opinion, and this solely based on my skin, but I try, as a rule to avoid silicones in products, I have not managed to isolate which silicones have an effect on me but there is one that really aggravates my skin and causes cystic acne.  Now the VAST majority of people I know are just fine with silicones, and you can thank the silicones for the amazing feel of your skin once the product is in place, but because I’m so concerned about causing acne, I have avoided reaching for this every day.

The long and the short of it is though, that if you know you are okay with silicones, and let me stress that I think I am in a very small minority, then this is an incredible product. You need a tiny amount to create a flawless, smooth canvas for your make up, and it keeps everything in place for so long, its brilliant.

Oh and another neat thing is that it comes with a brilliant little gadget for squeezing your tube, meaning no wastage and no effort to get out every last drop. Its a touch of genius and I wish other brands would follow suit!

Dermalogica Hydralogica PrimerI believe the retail prices is £38.00, and to find your nearest stockist please visit www.dermalogica.co.uk/uk/

*Product provided free of charge for review purposes

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