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Dior Bird of Paradise

I had quite the shopping list for the Dior Summer collection, but when it came down it I had less money than expected and that list got edited down a bit but I’m still thrilled with the bits I got.  So lets take a little look!

Starting with the absolutely stunning Nail Lacquer Duo in Samba.

Dior Bird of Paradise Nail lacquer duo samba

I don’t normally like greens or teals on me, but having seen swatches of these on various blogs I knew I needed to get this duo in my life.  It’s not the first time Dior have got me with a green! Last year I fell for Waterlily and I find the formula to be exceptional on Dior polishes, they just apply like a dream. Metallic-y looking teals I find are often very thin and of course metallic shades are notoriously streaky, but this is not. It’s not even really metallic, I don’t know what it is, let’s just call it otherworldly. In the flesh it has a depth that I can’t capture on a photograph, I strongly recommend you check it out. The other shade is also beautiful. One thing I want to mention is that these are MINI polishes which I hadn’t realised. Ridiculous not have realised really since the price is so cheap for two Dior polishes (£18.70), realistically there’s no way they’d be full size! So anyway, here they are…

Dior Bird of Paradise Nail lacquer duo samba

Someone said to me yesterday “you can tell thats not cheap polish” and you really can, it’s amazing.

The other item I grabbed was one of the new Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca to be precise.

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca
Is it a balm? Is it a gloss? Is it a lipstick? Well it’s all of those really. It’s a sheer(ish) wash of moisturising colour with a light gloss, nothing too shiny, definitely not sticky, in fact it feels pretty much weightless.

The reason I picked this colour is that it’s a) coral, but b) there’s something a bit special about it.

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Sorry the swatch is a bit blurry, but can you see why I was drawn to this shade?

What about this?

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Alright, if you still can’t see it how about this out of focus shot?

Dior Jelly Lip Pens. Carioca

Yes yes, that’s like a violet iridescence and it’s so so so beautiful. On the lips it’s barely detectable if I’m honest and if it was more obvious it wouldn’t be wearable, but it’s absolutely gorgeous! It was £16.15

Very happy with my little treats, and I may pop back at some point and grab the Birds of Paradise Addict Lipstick in Exotique which looks so pretty…

Anyway, I bought these from www.escentual.com where the prices seem to be cheaper than anywhere else!

4 responses to “Dior Bird of Paradise – Samba Nail Duo & Carioca Lip Jelly Pen”

  1. That peachy lip is indeed gorgeous and I love the hint of iridescence!


  2. Replica says:

    The colours look great on you, I might have to go back for that polish set 🙂 I got that lip pen as well, very pretty, though it goes on stronger looking on me than it does you, I prefer how it looks on you 🙂

    • Charlotte Gray says:

      Funny you should mention that. I chose this colour because I swatches and fell in love. It’s much stronger on me that it was in the swatches I saw! I fancy the palette you got x

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