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Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion

I was recently sent this to try in Fair to Medium. It also comes in Medium to Dark.It retails for £4.99 for 250ml.

Ahh fake tanning. I’m pale. Very pale, I swing between thinking pale and interesting is the best and wishing just once I could try being a bronzed lovely or at least a nice gold. Mostly I’m lazy though so pale it is.

The last couple of Summers I’ve used Johnsons Holiday Skin stuff a few times on my legs only  and not daily as that was enough to hide the blue tinge. Years ago I tried a few other self tanners, Clinique and Clarins to name a couple but to no avail. I found they streaked and I was left with orange dots in ever hair follicle. Clinique was the worst. I put it on, waited an hour before dressing, then went out. The instructions said it would be fine. It wasn’t. When I got home and undressed. my knees and ankles were ORANGE. Maybe tans have moved on but it was enough to put me off. Plus I don’t trust my technique. I know all about exfoliating and moisturising first, starting from the bottom and working up, and various other tips but I just don’t think its for me. Never mind the tricky issues surrounding putting your clothes back on and staining sheets and so on.

So anyway, it’s a hassle. I wasn’t going to bother this year. Not even with the Johnsons. I did ask around a bit on my blog and on Twitter for tan recommendations, got a few, considered it but when I thought I about actually doing it I got stressed out.  What about my back? what about my neck? My ears? My face? and so on… so I didn’t.

And then I was sent this so I gave it a whirl! So I started with my legs. Exfoliated for a couple of days, moisturised like a good un and result. It actually says it will take a few days before any colour develops but I disagree. The next morning, the blue tinge was gone from my legs. There was no colour really, but I could see the difference. My husband could not.

A word about the product, I like the smell, it’s kind of grapefruity, not offensive to my nose at all, in fact quite pleasant. Goes on easily and is easily absorbed. Takes an age to completely lose its sticky feeling though and I don’t have time to be sat around naked for hours on end so I gave it 10 minutes then nightclothes went on. Didn’t seem to cause any probs. I then went in for a second go the next day. Woke up and could see even more difference. In fact there was a great orange streak on my foot. Not the products fault though, I could clearly see a lack of blending… oops.

So then I got brave. I went for the full body. Couldn’t reach the top of my back, didn’t do my face, worried about where to stop before my face (somewhere in the shady part), so went to bed and waited to see. Next morning. No streaks but then the colour is so pale after one application I’d not really expected to see streaks, nor could you tell where I’d missed the top of my back….

The long and the short of this tale is that I like the product, will continue to use on my legs to take the edge off my pallor, but as I suspected, all over tanning at home is just not for me. Too stressful. Too much hassle. Just urgh.

Nice product though, builds nicely, streak free if you’re careful, bargain price and one I’ll be using when it gets back to skirt weather. Nice work Dove!

Oh and I nearly forgot so this is an add on, its REALLY moisturising. My skin is SO soft.

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  1. liloo says:

    “A word about the product, I like the smell, it’s kind of grapefruity” = ooo i like the sound of that, yay x
    Do you know off the top of your head if they have this in medium colour or something.
    I think I want to try this in the shop or something, and have a little dab on my arm to see how it develops. Now this is the kind of stuff I would sample off: not silly christian dior or posh stuff, I am never going to buy. Johnson Holiday stuff simply does not agree on me: tango orange streak city: population me. I’d like to know why holiday johnson (which I value very highly regardless, as for me they are the precursors of gradual tannings) are such a ‘marmite’ hit and miss product. Do you think it’s something to do with the PH thing of the skin?


  2. Meowcake says:

    How strange. I bought this and it just smelt of fake tan. No grapefruit in mine :/

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