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Dr Lewinn's Firming Eye Cream

I am loving Dr Lewinn’s  products at the moment. I’ve got a few coming up on the blog but I thought I’d start with the Firming Eye Cream which I’m absolutely loving.

It’s actually a gel texture filled with tiny tiny iridescence which translates to light on the skin rather than sparkle but it just seems to work like a charm I’m very impressed.

Although it’s a gel it performs just like a cream, blends easily and absorbs quickly leaving little or no residue on the surface of my skin.

It seems to instantly brighten the area, which is possibly the golden particles, but it also seems to plump my lines and tighten as well as cooling and soothing the area thanks to the Aloe Vera. It’s truly a lovely product that has exceeded my expectations. Plus it really is so so pretty to look at. Just behold the lovely cream!

Dr Lewinn's Firming Eye Cream

Highly recommended. £31 for a 30g pot which is extremely good value. I would ordinarily pay that for 15-20g of product. This pot will last me a long long time.

Available from www.drlewinns.co.uk

*Disclosure – PR Sample*

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  1. emmabovary says:

    That sounds like a great eye cream, I like the idea of a pearlescent sort of gel texture, clever idea when you think about it.

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