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EcoTools  Review

EcoTools, a brand I’ve heard plenty about not quite got round to trying, only because I’ve not been in need of any new brushes…or so I thought, turns out I was wrong. EVERYONE needs the Deluxe Concealer in their kit and the Sheer Finish Kabuki is pretty amazing too.

EcoTools  Review

Let me start by telling you why you NEED the concealer brush. As a regular sufferer of spots I’ve always applied concealer with a brush but found that if I then brush over it, it just wipes the concealer away. So I’ve always applied my concealer directly to the blemish with a brush and then blended, or patted the product in. I just thought was how it was supposed to be. It was an very efficient method and and so that’s how it was. Until now! With the EcoTools Deluxe concealer brush I can apply the concealer to the blemish and then softly blend it. The product isn’t immediately lifted away, it just blends seamlessly into the rest of the make up. No more messy unhygenic fingers (I always apply make up after washing my face so my fingers are clean, but you get my meaning!) and a flawless application. That and  the  £4.95 price tag make this brush an absolute must for anyone.

I have also been giving the Bamboo Finishing Kabuki Brush a little go too and whilst this isn’t a must have for everyone, I now use this daily and I highly recommend if you like a very light dusting of powder/blusher/bronzer.  I have drastically cut down on the amount of finishing powder I use, preferring only to add the merest touch to my nose, forehead and chin and this picks up just the right amount of powder (very little) so that my face isn’t obliterated of all natural glow and shine. Perfection. This one is super soft and both of the brushes have lovely light bamboo handles! Highly recommended.

I will definitely be getting the Buffing brush because my existing one (from ELF) is on it’s last legs and buffing is my favourite way to apply foundation.

Anyway, love these very much, and my recommended retailer is www.cocktailcosmetics.co.uk but they are also available in your local Boots!

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7 responses to “EcoTools Review – The Best Concealer Brush in the World and a lovely Kabuki!”

  1. Pavan Virk says:

    I have the concealer brush and love it, then brought a small set from them they have really soft brushes xx


  2. Lily M says:

    Are they stocked in Boots, or am I dreaming it? I’ve definitely seen nice-looking bamboo brushes around recently.

  3. Jaime-Lee says:

    I love EcoTools brushes, in fact I think about 90% of my brushes are by them! Cannot fault them, amazing quality. xoxo

  4. Jude Dunn says:

    I don’t even own a concealer brush, or maybe I do and I use it for something else. Is the concealer brush suitable for applying concealer under the eye area? I really struggle to get a nice smooth finish just by patting with my finger. Jude x @jadlgw

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