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24. 11. 2011

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Ellis Faas Clips

Now this little thing here is an Ellis Clip. It’s completely ingenious! Do you have more than one Ellis Faas pen? I do.

Ellis Faas Clips

These little plastic clips join together like this:

Ellis Faas Clips

And then your pens just slide in like so:

Ellis Faas Clips

It just looks so cool and you can just slide out the pens that you want and slot them back in when you’re done without having to undo the clips.

The whole point being that you can keep them all together easily and the above just rolls up for easy portability. It’s so simple it’s brilliant!

Ellis Faas Clips
Ellis Faas Clips

You can just easily keep your pens together and sling them in your bag or whatnot, I’m so impressed with such a simple idea. I’ve wanted one of the Ellis Holder’s for ages, but I prefer the clips!

The clips are £2 each and available from www.ellisfaas.com.

*Disclosure – PR Samples*

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  1. Victoria says:

    These look great for keeping everything neat and tidy. I only have a couple of Ellis Faas pens but I am looking to expand my collection and these would keep them together and make them much easier to find.

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