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I must apologise firstly for blogging about this so late, I’m absolutely drowning in blog posts at the moment and am just ploughing though a list, plus as I keep ticking things off I keep adding new ideas to it!
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010Anyway, I wanted to do a little post about Ellis Faas products for this Christmas. The first of which is a festive version of the favulous Ellis Faas holder. It’s just the same as the standard holder, it holds the same products and does the same job, except it’s flocked! In red velvet! It’s very pretty and very wintery. £21.
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010Ellis Faas Holiday 2010And if you’ve got a holder but you need the products to fill it then it’s probably worth taking a little look at the Winter Glow Gift Set. The set contains Creamy Lips Ellis Red L101, Ellis Eyes Light E305 and black mascara E401 which you can use to create either a pretty dramatic party look or something altogether more subtle.  Before I talk about the looks you can achieve, here’s swatches of the Eyes Light E305 and Creamy Lips Ellis Red L101.
The E305 Eyes Light is a gorgeous bordeaux with green flash and it looks really spectacular and I was especially interested to try the Creamy Lips Ellis Red especially as I have it Glaze formula. The mascara is black and I was interested to give that a try too.Ellis Faas Holiday 2010
For a party look, use the Light as an all over shadow, and under the eye, blending out with your finger, then lashings of the mascara and finally outline the lips with the red, then fill in.
For a more subtle look, just apply a dot of the Light in the middle of youe eyelid and dab lightly, add one coat of the mascara and add a little slick of the lipstick and fade with your fingers to create a stain.
As you can probably tell already I was sent the Holiday Glow kit and went for a look somewhere in between the two. Please note, these pictures are pre-eyebrow threading!
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010
And closer looks at the Lights and Lips:
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010
I can confirm that my preference is definitely for the Creamy Lips Ellis Red, I like the Glaze, but the Creamy lips is a little easier to wear and apply for me.
Ellis Faas Holiday 2010My final pic is after I blotted my lips to go out and do the nursery run and I wasn’t in the mood for stunning everyone with my scarlet lips! Very wearable indeed!
Love colours for the season and I must give a special mention to the mascara which I’ve worn almost exclusively since I received it. Which when you consider I have over 10 mascara’s is no mean feat!
The Winter Glow set is £55.
If you want to stay abreast of all the latest Ellis Faas news and releases then please sign up to the Facebook Page or you can register on http://www.ellisfaas.com/ for the newsletter.

0 responses to “Ellis Faas Holiday 2010 & FotD”

  1. The Beauty Bite says:

    That red looks incredible with your blue eyes. Very striking. X

  2. Lipstick Luvvie says:

    I now feel I definitely need some Ellis Faas in my life! The red lips look stunning. I have considered buying the Winter Glow set many times in the past few weeks but was put off as I don’t really need a mascara. Maybe I should reconsider. Jennifer X
    P.S. Tom Ford is out for dispatch today, so will try to send it on to you this afternoon.

  3. Skin Scrubs says:

    Wow! Red Hot Mama coming through!

  4. Jennifer Leigh says:

    That lipstick looks so gorgeous on you!

  5. jaljen says:

    I don’t even know what the holder holds or who Ellis Faas might be but I love the holder!

  6. Charlie says:

    Jaljen, your comment made me laugh a lot! I know what you mean!
    Thank you for the compliments everyone!

    Jennifer, I do recommend the mascara, I erally like it.

  7. Ms. Wedgie says:

    Ooooh pretty! I really want the holder but alas have nothing to put in it! :/ Maybe I could store pens in it until I get my mitts on some Ellis Faas stuff! lol Love the lips!! 🙂

  8. MatryoshkaDoll says:

    Oh my goodness, that lip color suits you to a T! Gorgeous look!

  9. Bourriquette says:

    This red looks so good on you! It makes me even more eager to have a try (my order is totally not arriving, are the Netherlands that far from France?).

  10. ModestyBrown says:

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous look on you. You look stunning! xx

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