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Love these seasonal sets Ellis Faas produce for us and this Summer’s is brilliant for creating a bronzed look.

Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
 The set contains Broze Light for the eyes in E303, the Bronze Blush S303 for the cheeks and the clear gloss Glazed Lips L309.
The products as always are beautiful, but as always with Ellis Faas products, be careful when you are twisted the pens to get the product up, once too many twists and you’ll be drowning in product, but also, with the blusher and eye light, blend quickly as they dry quickly (which is good as they don’t budge!) so you only have a limited time to blend!
Look at the amazing swatches, the Eye Light in particular is unbelievably beautiful, but you can see there’s a lot of product there, I twisted one too many times 😉
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
I also blended the bronzing blusher out a little bit for you as well, sadly it was an afterthought and had dried down a little by the time I’d come to do it, but you’ll see how smooth it is in the further pics:
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
I’ve applied all the products and what I love is that as I’m so pale and was about to do the nursery run I kept the applications fairly light but these products can really be amped up to give you ultra bronzing in the case of the blusher and a super metallic look on the eyes should you so wish, as I say, I went for the subtler end of the spectrum in the following pics.
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011
I’m really looking forward to having a go with these products when I’ve not got a nursery run to do as I know that Bronze Blusher can be built up considerably and I think with a little effort the Eye Light will be AMAZING, although it’s fairly amazing just how I’ve used it.
These sets are a great way of trying out coordinating Ellis Faas products and is £55 from http://www.ellisfaas.com/index.php making each product a little over £18 each which is a saving of £3.67 on each product. I’m just waiting to hear if it will be available at Space NK and will update when I know.
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0 responses to “Ellis Faas Summer Set 2011”

  1. Zuzu's Petals says:

    I was so excited when I saw the set last night, but I am even more so now! You and I seem to have very similar coloring and each item looks fantastic on you. Great swatches and LOTD. It never ceases to amaze me how some of the scariest Ellis Fass colors can look so natural. The Eye Light is so pretty on you, and I can’t wait to try it on.

  2. Charlie says:

    It’s gooooorgeous!

    Beautiful products, am sure you’ll love them!

  3. Me, my best and I says:

    Oh the magpie in me likes! That gilded bronze is stunning and they really dont budge or crease?

  4. Charlie says:

    I wore this all day yesterday with no hint of creasing! *thumbs up*

  5. Zuzu's Petals says:

    Ellis Faas eyeshadows are bulletproof–they laugh at eyelid oil. I haven’t yet tested the E303 all day (3 hours running now), but my absolute favorite E107 is practically indelible!

  6. Jen W says:

    They products look gorgeous on you, particularly the gold cream eye shadow.

    I absolutely adore my Ellis Faas lip products, and am really itching to try the eyeshadows.

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